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This section of PsychonautWiki is dedicated to cataloging and providing a database of written personal experiences with hallucinogens and other psychoactive substances. It has been done in a manner which links each report with its relevant subjective component so that these can be logged, organized, and compared for eventual projects utilizing large-scale data analysis.

The experience reports below are gathered from a combination of PsychonautWiki user submissions and a collection of anonymous reports from the readers of Disregard Everything I Say.


Submit an experience report:

To create a new report, you may either email it to us at team@psychonaut.wiki or enter a title into the box below, copy and paste the text from the experience report template, and hit submit using our guidelines below. The title should be formatted as "Dosage SubstanceName (Route of Administration) - Short Descriptive Title"



Main article: Guidelines

The general guidelines for submitting an experience report are as follows:

  • Please try to focus the reports on the effects of the substance itself and not on whatever activities were undertaken during the experience.
  • Please try to include as much detail as possible. This should include the substances themselves, its dosage, the setting, the full range of effects it induced, or the plots of any specific hallucinations that may have occurred as well as the age, sex and weight of the user.
  • To the best of your abilities, please try to keep grammar and spelling to a reasonable standard.
  • The title should be formatted as "Experience: Dosage SubstanceName (Route of Administration) - Short Descriptive Title" and submitted under the appropriate substance section.
  • To the best of your abilities, please follow the relevant predefined terminologies listed within the subjective effects index. This allows the community to document its experiences in a way that is understandable and self-consistent.
  • Experience reports can be posted in any language or combination of languages.




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