Experience:Psychedelic Experience on Cannabis - Meeting Zeus

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Experience reports - Cannabis

  • Date: April 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
  • Age: 18


Preface - I'm an everyday smoker recently coming off a t-break. This was my 7th day back from the break. I didn’t have a whole lot of weed. Enough for 4 or 5 decent sized bowls. Probably smoked 1.5 grams in total. I had the intention of getting very high. I really enjoy psychedelic drugs, and recently saw a post about turning cannabis into a psychedelic by focusing your mind. Throughout the session, I continued to tell myself to get higher. I affirmed it in my brain. I said “You will get so high, you will be overwhelmed”.

I’d heard that you can get higher by just taking bigger hits, so I took a huge hit off a glass spoon pipe.Waited. Packed a fat bong and took massive rips. Waited. Vaped a bowl off the arizer, all the while maintaining this “get high as fuck” mindset.

Well, I began climbing the ladder. I went from happily buzzed, to nice and stoned, to quite stoned, to really high. From really high (probably [7]) I know if I’m getting super stoned if I get a sort of 3D clear edge effect. I didn’t get that at all. I sat at a [7] for around 4 minutes or so, mildly disappointed that I couldn’t get higher.

Either weed or my body acknowledged my disappointment, and suddenly I was skyrocketed. I began to see a large God-like figure in the corner of my vision. I assumed it was God. The being had a zooming like feature to it. Psychonaut wiki’s definition describes it perfectly.

“ Images can switch between each other via the experience of one's vision zooming into or out from the current image to such an extent that it reveals an entirely new image.”

The God-like figure seemed to come from within me. Finally, after being fascinated by this God-like figure, I began to realize who it was. It was Zeus! He had grey hair, and bright orange eyes (I smoked tangerine strain..Maybe that had something to with the color?).

This being looked similar to something that my friend and I had seen in a park many years. Some being with grey hair and orange eyes was crouched beside a small brick building in a park. We we’re on the swings and both acknowledged it’s existence..and proceeded to run like hell.

Zeus was a very large humanoid figure. He was against a darker background, emphasizing his existence all the much more. This lasted for around 5-10 minutes of him coming from inside me and staring somewhat judgmentally at me. During this time, I had an INTENSE body buzz. I could hardly move. My eyes felt incredibly heavy, and hurt to look at the computer screen. I rested my head on my desk and closed my eyes looking at the floor.

Eventually, the heaviness faded, as did Zeus. He was no longer coming in and out of my vision, though his orange eyes often stared into me from my peripheral vision of my left eye. IT seemed as if he wasn’t happy that I wasn’t leaving. He seemed to have something to tell me, and due to my lack of weed, I wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Submitted by Wispy

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