Experience: 160ug ALD-52 - Heart racing

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Experience reports - ALD-52 160ug, Lorazepam, Aspirin

  • Substance: ALD-52
  • Dosage: 160ug
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
  • Weight: 84 kg / 185 lb
  • Setting: At home among roommates
  • Date: 02/24/2018
  • Misc: Regular cannabis user, occasionally use Rx Lorazepam for anxiety.
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF


Had planned on dosing 160ug ALD-52 on Saturday for about a week. Recently began experimenting with Kava. On the morning of the trip I had two bags of honey lavender stress relief tea, a few bags of kava tea, and had gone grocery shopping.

12:30pm - Administered 0.5mg lorazepam and 12mg cannabidiol orally to assist with pre-trip anxiety, as well as smoking some cannabis. Continued smoking in small amounts throughout the day until shortly before dosing the ALD-52, but was not very high thanks to the cannabidiol.

3:15pm - I ingested 100ug ALD-52 orally.

3:35pm - I first felt the onset, which remained consistently present from this point forward.

3:55pm - Vomited the contents of my stomach. As usual the nausea passed and I felt much better as I finished wiping up.

4:00pm - Administered the other 60ug ALD-52 orally as planned.

For a while I laid on the futon while a roommate watched TV. With my eyes closed listening to music in headphones I had level 3 to 4 visuals and experienced immersion enhancement.

5:30pm - Laid down in bed with my girlfriend, who was tripping on 200ug 1P-LSD. I was feeling a bit on edge and claustrophobic so I administered another 0.5mg lorazepam orally. We had sex and my heart rate rose into the 140-150bpm range. My heart rate continued to stay around 125bpm from this point onwards, not returning to my normal laying down resting rate of 70-80bpm.

6:00pm (approximately) - Administered 50mg trazodone orally as I felt I needed to end the trip to deal with my heart. I used my watch's meditation app to do deep breathing meditation in several 5 minute sessions. My heart rate would drop to the sub-100bpm range but would return to the heightened range as soon as I resumed any kind of activity, such as sitting up to eat food my girlfriend brought me. She was coming down from the 1P-LSD but began having a bad experience feeling unable to care for me and upset that I hadn't told her immediately that I felt unsafe. Later in the evening we promised to always tell each other when we feel unsafe from now on.

The psychedelic affects ended sooner than I would have expected after trazodone administration, perhaps 20 minutes, but I didn't note the time. My heart rate did not return to normal at this time.

7:00pm - Administered a final 0.5mg lorazepam at T+3:30, still no affect on heart rate.

Having come down, I continued monitoring my heart rate (which I now deemed abnormal but not imminently dangerous). Attempted to minimize any physical activity whatsoever and it stayed below 100bpm while completely resting, but even a few hours later it jumped to 130bpm just by walking to the kitchen to prepare some chicken wyngz (which are delicious).

10:35pm - Administered 325mg aspirin orally.

11:00pm - Heart rate returned to normal.


I wore a heart rate monitor (watch) overnight and my heart rate was approximately 5bpm faster than normal during sleep. Awoke after 10 hours of sleep and had a perfectly normal day with no remaining ill effects.

I'm not a doctor, but here's my attempt at diagnosis: Pre-trip anxiety was severe enough that I should have postponed the trip. Elevated heart rate caused by anxiety in combination with vasoconstriction caused by ALD-52, resolved by aspirin. In the future, will try to trip on better days, and with Aspirin and a blood pressure cuff on standby.

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