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Trip Reports - Salvia divinorum

  • Age: 21
  • Sex: transguy (ftm, on testosterone)
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 67 kg / 145 lb
  • Misc: Prescribed various things for depression/anxiety, i.e. lexapro.
  • Pretty experienced: I consume a lot of weed every day, ~1g flower + dabpen + 40mg edibles is like a p typical day. I am also p experienced with Ketamine (IM, with psychiatrist, range = 30mg - 150mg, ~.5mg/kg - 2mg/kg) and have tried some DMT.


This is gunna just be a description of some of my experiences with Salvia.

I've tripped pretty hard on it twice, both times with about half a bowl of Salvia leaves (with a bit of weed on top). I purchased the leaves off of some semi-sketchy website (not the dark web, cause it's not illegal). They came as a small bag of dark, almost black leaves that looked kinda like dried oregano other than the color. It was labeled as "20x" as the leaves were probably coated in extract and dried.

Salvia is surprisingly strong. Like, the fact that this is legal is pretty damn shocking to me. Both times I took a big hit from my bong, held it in ~30sec (I heard that holding it is important for Salvia... I haven't tried It any other way but it seems like it worked rly well so...)
The trip starts pretty instantly. The reason I'm giving this as a summary though is because I experienced a decent amount of memory loss surrounding the trip itself. But here are some highlights:

I felt the compulsive urge to organize, but didn't feel like I could get up, so I frantically just stacked everything I could reach. Half-way through, I just started laughing at myself because I didn't know why I was doing it. (It also kinda felt like I was laughing with the salvia? like it was a character with me and we were having fun together? I didn't see anyone, just felt like someone was there.)
Lines on the carpet felt like they were coming up out of it
Everything has faces, everything is alive, and everything is bouncing. Like those old Micky-mouse cartoons.
As part of a larger trip, I felt like I was spinning around the corners of walls, as if the corner of a room was a pole and I was spinning around that pole, irregardless of the wall there. Passing through the wall brought me further into the cartoony trip, where I think??? (kinda blank memory, but I know that A LOT OF SHIT HAPPENED) I like maybe became a character in Bob's Burgers (I was watching it recently before the 2nd trip). Many shenanigans were dreampt up during this weird in-the-wall cartoony bit. But what I remember very vividly was realizing that I was tripping, sitting in my spot near the corner, and watching as I vividly saw arms and bodies from my trip try to get through the wall back to me, like if the wall was made of rubber. This lasted despite looking away, and lasted for at least 20-30sec.
Everything looked a little evil, but also like they weren't trying to hurt me at all. Menacing, powerful, and watching, but not doing anything actively scary. Like seeing a lion sunbathing.
I also felt very robotic myself - very aware of how my joints connected and pivoted, and how limited it was. I found it very nice and calming to repeat simple fluid movements like rotating my wrist or twisting my shoulders.
Also a random thing is that after both trips I found myself getting in water? (1st time bath, 2nd time shower) Even though I didn't have the intention to before the trip, I just kinda found myself feeling like it was something I should do next.

It is vital to mention that each trip didn't last more than 5 minutes, but often felt way longer, but upon exiting the trip, it kinda felt like there was kinda a black whole of time in my memory, like my brain and body didn't know what to make of it, and just kinda decided to forget it.
I also gave some to a friend and they absolutely freaked out. They immediately got very scared, saying that they "Didn't like this" and didn't seem to know where they were or who I was. I was able to soothe them pretty effectively by giving them a big hug and assuring them that everything was alright and that it would be over in just a minute (which, thankfully, was completely true). They felt okay afterwards, but were definitely super shook up.

After the trip, salvia blesses with a gentle, relaxing body high, similar to a nice indica, which often serves as a nice counter to the strength of the trip itself. This faded within about an hour.

Overall, I recommend it due to just being legal and pretty god, but definitely don't underestimate it. I really recommend the "You can always take more" mentality being applied here, especially since the effects hit so quickly, I would start small. But in my experience, one good hit is plenty.

Submitted by Jaykayhole (talk)

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