Experience:4-AcO-DMT (40 mg, oral) - Are those entities real?

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Experience report - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Substance(s): 4-AcO-DMT
  • Dose: 40 mg
  • RoA: oral


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I will first like to apologize for my poor English. it is not my first language.

So I am a regular guy, 33 year Old. I did some 1cp-LSD before. Those experiences changed my understanding of the world and of myself. But they were quite exhausting since they took up to 20 hours for the trip to wear off. I then decided to try some DMT, since it take much less time. It is a Sunday morning 10:30 AM. seat in my room with the setting prepared. I swallow 40 mg of 4ACO-DMT.

11:00 I start feeling warm, good, and a little disoriented but i assure myself "Don´t not afraid. you will go through whatever comes" Then i started feeling the same way as in my LSD Trips, brighter colors, music sounding extremely better and clearer. My thoughts where unlike my lsd-trips less logical but more contemplative.

I put on calm meditation music and a lay down on my back, eyes closed... I still can´t describe nor make sense of what happen next: me talking to some spiritual entities! That doesn't make any sense! I grew up as a christian but abandon that conception of the world years ago. I did considered myself as a deist, but i had no ideas that it is even possible to conceive the existence of worlds other than this one. the existence of plan of realities different than this one. that was so real i can even believe myself as a rational guy to have seeing this. it is so real!

I remember clearly talking to them and they were answering me, directly in my brain. they were extremely benevolent. They told me again and again they will do me no harm. they did told me not to be afraid. I asked them if I can pray to then and they told no; they do not interfere in human affairs. i told then i would like to stay and they told me i can come whenever I can. How can this be true?

It seem like there where first surprise to see me there but they where calm and gentle. i don´t think that was just in my mind but I completely open to be convinced that it is actually the case. Even at this moment writing this, the images of the experience are so vivid, I can help myself think that this is not the only reality the existence carry.

around 15:00 I was more or less back in my mind, still feeling good and warm, reflecting on many differents aspects of my live, how could i improve myself and be a good person but still trying to make sense of what had just happened before.

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