Experience:3-MeO-PCP 14mg Oral - A chill enjoyable evening

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Experience report - 3-MeO-PCP

  • Date: 17/04/2021 (17 April 2021).
  • Sex and age: Female, 22.
  • Height and Weight: 179cm/5'10", 70kg/154lbs.
  • Setting: Chilling at home, at my pc, excited to try this drug.

I'm doing this together with my fiancé, this will be both our first time experiencing 3-MeO-PCP (We both used PCP before). If he notices different things I will add those.
I will be keeping track of my heart rate (HR).
With a lot of substances I yawn excessively from the onset until the peak starts.
My fiancé used 11mg and I used 14mg in total (estimate) the pill we had was 25mg.

Submitted by ResearcherNaomi

First Dose

19:22: My fiancé takes about 6mg, I take about 9mg, orally. Doses aren't 100% accurate, I broke a pill somewhat in half, but one side was larger so I broke that again and my fiancé took the smaller part which I guess is around 6mg, mine is 9mg.
HR: 84-92 BPM

19:50: I've started yawning quite a bit, also more stretching than usual. We're gonna play Portal 2 together.
HR: 79-98 BPM

20:22: It's starting to kick in, my head feels odd, but good. I feel a tingling sensation throughout my body, but mostly at my finger tips. Portal 2 is going well, thinking is still clear.
HR: 69-86 BPM

21:01: First time going to pee, goes very easily. We're going for a walk now, feeling a little euphoric mentally and physically, my vision is slightly different(double vision). Thinking is still normal.
HR: 75-79 BPM

21:50: The walk was very nice. We're not feeling it as much as we hoped so we will take some more soon. Slightly dehydrated. Time seems to have flown by very fast. Time for some tea.
HR: 74-99 BPM

Second Dose

22:06: Breaking the other half of the pill evenly was hard, so I crushed it up, weight it and devided it in to 2 capsules, about 5mg each. We both swallow a capsule. I noticed while preparing the capsules that my motor control is less good. We will continue with Portal 2 now.
HR: 82-90 BPM

22:47: Definitely not thinking as clearly, playing Portal 2 is going great but it's getting harder because of the 3-MeO-PCP. Having lots of fun though, and feeling quite euphoric.
HR: 78-95 BPM

23:04: Second time peeing, no problem. Noticing some stimulating effects. Time goes by like it's nothing. My thoughts are more disconnected, but not much. My orientation ingame is off.
My fiancé was sweating a little more than usual.
HR: 74-86 BPM

23:41: Mouth feels numb-ish, slightly dehydrated, thinking is different, thoughts don't connect as much anymore, or just get lost. The euphoria is nice though, very chill. Portal 2 continous. We put on some music, sounds very nice, it is good for the mood/ambience.
HR: 77-90 BPM

00:29: Third pee, went great, no difficulty. I was gonna write stuff down, but I forgot, oh well. Everything is going great, Portal 2 is very enjoyable but really hard to understand now that our thought process is impaired (we're at stage 5 level 1). High energy. The numbness in my mouth makes talking harder.
HR: 77-85 BPM

01:35: Thinking is so hard haha, so hard to connect thoughts, we beat stage 5 level 6, was very hard. Definitely very high right now, my face feels numb-ish. 4th pee, no problems. Far sighted is very blurry, close not as much but slightly. We're gonna try to finish stage 5 of Portal 2.
HR: 70-87 BPM

02:14: We finished stage 5. Gonna chill in bed watch some stuff then probably sleep. Still quite high. Can't believe how fast time went by, unreal.
HR: 75-89 BPM

02:25: Lying in bed feels so good, when I close my eyes it feels like I'm floating. We're watching Avatar the last Airbender.
HR: 58-59 BPM

04:30: We're going to try to sleep now, which was somewhat hard, didn't feel that tired but also very tired at the same time. Falling asleep wasn't easy. With my eyes closed I saw some shapes of animals (deers, birds and some others) and a lot cartoony looking faces, also some triangles and diamond shapes.
HR: 53-54 BPM

12:15: Woke up feeling great, slept pretty well, just took a while to fall asleep. Part of my right hand is slightly tingling still, besides that everything is normal.
HR: 77-85 BPM


It was a very pleasant experience, chill relaxed, yet somewhat stimulating. Similar to PCP, although it felt less strong.
Didn't really notice negative effects that much, there was some dehydration but not intense enough to be annoying.
Wouldn't mind experiencing this drug again some day.
The only thing my fiancé noticed that I didn't was slightly more sweating than usual.

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