Experience:1050 µg 1cP-LSD - The matrix

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Experience Reports - 1cP-LSD

  • Date: November 2019
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Substances used: 1050 µg 1cP-LSD
  • Misc: Extensive experience with various classic and RC depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens, last LSD derivative experience was 6 months earlier.


After 1P-LSD and other LSD derivatives were prohibited in Germany, the answer of the RC branch was 1-Cyclopropionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide or short: 1cP-LSD. It was only a minor modification to 1P-LSD according to the manufacturer and is thought to be metabolized to LSD-25 in the body. But even if it is not metabolized, at least the effects are nearly identical in my opinion.

In the course of the day, I prepared drinks and sweets, closed the shutters and put seven pellets with 150 μg 1cP-LSD each in my mouth, chewed them and let them get absorbed by the mucous membrane. After just a few minutes, the first visual effects began, the world started morphing, everything had a slight shine to it. I had to laugh, as I have not done for a long time. For probably half an hour I laughed on and on. Despite the fact that I felt familiar about this feeling, I could hardly stand the ongoing laughter fits.
Suddenly a small light appeared in front of my eyes, I started observing it and it came closer and closer. I understood that this was a sign of the oncoming peak. I winced briefly and then it hit me. Ego death. I lost track of my identity. The table in front of me disappeared, my vision turned to black nothing and suddenly I could see the whole universe in my mind's eye. I fluctuated back and forth between a collective consciousness and my own ego based consciousness. I managed to turn on several frequencies sounds and could only sit in my chair from then on. I closed and opened my eyes repeatedly and could see 'the matrix' passing me by when they were shut. It consisted of spinning, transparent walls that reached to infinity. I can not really describe it, it was just was the whole load of geometry that reached into infinity. The feeling to be able to look into infinity was magnificent. I saw various particles, glimmering points, appearing and disappearing, moving back and forth and streaks of light that seemed to originate from other dimensions. The visual effects slowed down and when I opened my eyes, I could see reality almost as usual. But it did not take long, and I was pulled into a tunnel again and could observe spirals and geometric patterns that divided and repeated themselves over and over again. I can not tell how long I was in this state, but it was wonderful.
The feeling when I arrived in our normal reality is indescribable, it was pleasantly warm, slow and it felt like I was just born. The colors were still enhanced and the world looked more beautiful than usual.

Please be careful with high doses like this! It can easily turn into a bad trip and you can experience hell on earth. Only consume this substance if you are aware of all risks. All in all, I think 1cP-LSD is a suitable LSD substitute.

Submitted and translated by LockPicker for Polytoxopam

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