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Experience reports - Ethylphenidate

  • Date: 31/08/2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 76 kg / 150 lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Etc: Prescribed xanax 3 mg daily, clonazepam 2 mg daily, time to time opiods abuse, alcohol binges (i dont drink for example month then I start drinking and drink 10 days in a row), benzos prescribed because of impulsive/agressive behavior and mood swings.
  • Context: Need to do loads of works morning first dose.
  • Past experience: Moderate experiences with stimulants phenidates.


I woke up and decided to get all the work done, a few days ago I supplemented with Mineral/Vitamin complex, DL Phenylalanine, 5-htp to avoid suffering too much from neurotransmitters depletion.

I used 50 mg of ethylphenidate by oral ROA and to kick in another 30 mg insufflated. So T:0 I smoking a cigarette and waiting for it to kick in. It comes on fast, so let's get the job done!

I started with house cleaning. I was very fixated on details, and I wanted everything brilliant. From time to time I redosed small bumps of Ethylphenidate and ofc I used my benzos. I got all my manual work done then came shitty paperwork; I keep doing bumps of ethylphenidate, and my jaw is flying around my head now :D. All through the night, i do all my paperwork, but compulsive redosing was still there. I was in brilliant mood so I called my friend and told him I'm coming to check. When i came i washed and polished my car, car of my friend and my friends mum car too :D.

My mate knows what's going on, he was just smiling and was joking and said: "you look like after your first line of meth ever." We were talking about everything. Sitting in the Bar drinking beers slowly it was time to time pop another pill of ethylphenidate (25 mg tablet). I came home I decided to continue my binge, playing video games chilling, drinking beer, eating some chips and doing bumps ofc! Then came the night, yeah still doing bumps here.

Now i proceeded to consume about 800 mg of ethylphenidate. I decided to have some cigarette, i put headphones on (some party dubstep) and then i looked at the sky. I saw lot of shining stars on sky and boooom then it came. I have never experienced this on stims. The stars started to bursting like fireworks, body euphoria is hitting me in waves and i got stuck looking on sky for about 30 minutes. That was incredible! I was amazingly surprised as this had never happened to me on phenidates/amphetamines. It looked very real! But i decided enough was enough and popped my benzos with l-theanine, 10 mg of olanzapine and fall asleep. It shocked me that stars was bursting like fireworks.

I woke up relatively fine if a little bit tired. I popped my benzos, had a full meal, Vitamins and took a nap and I was then completely fine.

Submitted by - ResearchOnFire

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