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I have no responsibilities, same as everyone else. My intentions, however, are to spread deductive reasoning as far as it can go and to teach each generation following myself logic, so that they can begin to figure out what they can figure out, and then actually begin to figure it out. Along with the power of logic, nusic carries the emotional impact to make ideas stick, so it is for this reason being a professional musician is my ultimate goal.

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Contact me with any questions, and I will gladly offer my advice/opinions. Thanks.

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Dopamine and Serotonin

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Radiohead, Toaster and the Destroyers

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Seth Renville






January 28th

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I desire information and emotional stimulation equally, so as to understand fully the nature of our being. Anyone who wants to discuss anything, I am always more that happy to share my thoughts on just about anything.

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posted 3321 days ago

"The synergy between all of the senses working together in unison produces a quasi-sixth sense, causing some to report a feeling of perceiving the probability field, where everything that could potentially happen becomes superimposed upon itself, creating a feeling of complete understanding of all the possibilities."

"It is purported by some to create a "mental hierarchy" of sorts, where the interactions between the different elements in a system synergize to produce a higher understanding, perceived by some to be a perspective of god, or some higher power"

Hey I read this addition to synasthesia and although it is well written I do not feel that it is objective enough and is difficult to understand. The first one in particular sounds you are describing a different component altogether which perhaps commonly occurs along side synesthesia. It might be mixture of high level conceptual thinking or who knows what else. The second sounds like you are describing conceptual thinking in the first half of the sentence but unity at the end, it is also hard to understand what you mean.

I don't want to discourage you as we've been watching your edits recently and really appreciate them :) We don't get many contributors besides a couple of admins so it's great to see new people editing. If you get the chance or need any help I highly encourage you to come talk to us in the IRC.

Also I am going to work on your noopept article shortly and expand upon it. Thanks for the edits again <3

posted 3322 days ago

Hey there! Welcome to the site and thank you for the edits :)