Experience:Propofol IV during endoscopy

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Experience reports - Propofol


Woke from anesthesia and felt great. Was suffering from uncontrollable vomiting for over a week. Zofran, dilaudid, and lorazepam slowed the frequency but only after I was put under anesthesia for a gastric endoscopy did the nausea stop. Was given propofol and fentanyl during procedure and afterwards I felt 100% better. No opiate use in prior 6 months so I was not experiencing opiate withdrawal. It was the Propofol. I was instantly better, feeling refreshed and alert. No nausea or vomiting even after the fentanyl wore off. Have not had an episode of cyclical vomiting syndrome in 4 years. Would like to try propofol again to see if it has such a pronounced effect when not experiencing nausea.

Submitted by - Ryno78

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