Experience:Diphenhydramine (650 mg, Oral) - Midnight walk

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Experience reports - Diphenhydramine

  • Date: 12/5/2020
  • Age: 18
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 79.38 kg / 175 lbs
  • Misc: Administration of the dose and the come up faze was spent in my workspace, Peak was spent walking the streets of my neighborhood, Only experiences with "Hallucinogenic" drugs are Cannabis, Shrooms and LSD and I am often very in control while under the effects of these substances and can outwardly behave normally and go throughout my day remaining functional even while under higher doses. This report was compiled after the fact so the timeline isn't going to be specific and will instead be rough estimations. I was very unwise to take DPH and especially to trip without a sitter and this experience is NOT something I intend to repeat and I will not recommend it to others


Dose was administered at approximately 10 pm, the dose was made up of 26 25mg Benadryl tablets washed down with Coca Cola.

10:10, The initial effects began around 10 to 20 minutes after dosing, I noticed subtle morphing of the carpet and couch, I felt tired and heavy at this point but was able to urinate without problem.

10:30, At this point I began to see glints of light with no obvious source on the walls and my vision was noticeably darkened giving everything a gloomy appearance. I no longer felt tired and instead felt wide awake and fully aware of my surroundings, anxiety had actually decreased at this point from when I dosed and I laid back to watch the light show on the wall

10:45, the glints of light had become far less subtle, I would compare it to reflections off a phone screen but much larger

11:00, I started to see what looked like wisps of smoke at random throughout the room

11:20, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood to see if a change of environment would give me more opportunity to hallucinate, when I left I was listening to music in my headphones more loudly at the recommendation of a friend to keep from being spooked too badly by auditory hallucination. I also had lit up a cigarette hoping to use it to keep some grasp on reality if I did reach a delirious state.

11:25, I was a good ways down the main street that runs through the neighborhood and had definitely noticed some auditory hallucinations despite the music, I don't remember the sounds well but distinctly remember comparing them in my head to balloons popping and banging pots, the sounds always seemed to come from behind me, I would imagine if anyone had seen me at this point I would have looked insane walking so quickly and checking behind me so often.

11:30, I blew out a large cloud of smoke and watched it follow alongside me at the same speed I was moving for a while, I was startled when it abruptly changed color from a lighter blueish grey to a dark grey almost black but still visible against the night sky. Also around this time I without any warning or nausea keeled over and began vomiting, it flowed smoothly and without any effort, it actually felt pleasant. I also kept noticing movement in my peripheral vision but there was never anything there when I looked. I comforted myself by thinking it was a friendly spirit guiding me on my walk and ensuring no danger would come to me.

11:35, I reached the corner of my street and noticed movement in the backyard of a house through the fence, I began looking at the movement and realized there was a pale white face moving up and down in a jittery unnatural fashion while looking at me, I also noticed this figure was waving their hands in the air. I was unnerved by this and quickly walked away unsure of whether I should keep looking at it to make sure it wouldn't follow me or to look away and hopefully have it vanish upon looking back, I ended up looking away when I felt I was at a safe distance but was too afraid to look back.

11:40, there isn't much to say for most of the walk back, I had finished my first cigarette at some point before this and decided to light another, I was too focused on trying to light it in the mild wind that I didn't pay attention to my surroundings until I was almost back.

11:45, when I reached by street I realized the entire street up until my house had no functional street lamps, I was apprehensive about walking the road but my desire to be safe in my bed eventually won out and I started walking up the dark street

11:50, I started paying attention to the trees in the yards of the houses and noticed shadowy figures peeking out from one side and then moving behind the tree and popping to look at me from the other side in an almost playful fashion, I remember thinking they were too shy to come out and maybe they wanted to see me but were afraid themselves or maybe afraid that they would scare me. Upon reaching my door I decided I wanted to finish my cigarette and sort of walked circles around the cul de sac not even thinking that the neighbors could potentially see me, I also had a third cigarette hoping it would help me calm down before returning to my bed and walked up the street in the other direction to take my time and enjoy it. I heard several more auditory hallucinations some of them even being in the nature of voices but didn't see anything strange until I passed by a bush and heard an unrealistically loud rustling sound even through my music, I looked at the bush thinking maybe an animal had seen me coming and hid inside but I couldn't see any animal just the bush moving like there was something inside, whether or not this is a hallucination I was unable to determine. After finishing my last cigarette for the night I walked back into my house noticing several dark faces peeking over my fence before I rushed in the door.

12:00, I considered grabbing food from the fridge but despite now having an empty stomach due to vomiting I realized I didn't have any appetite and instead got a glass of water thinking if I stayed hydrated my body would have an easier time metabolizing the Benadryl.

12:10, Having made myself comfortable in bed I laid back and watched the room trying to see if I could notice anything, several abnormalities I encountered were partially formed but three dimensional transparent figures pacing my room and sometimes approaching me, these figures were only noticeable because they slightly distorted the light passing through them not much unlike "The Predator" (from the movies) while camouflaged, I also recall them appearing to interact with objects in the room but only in subtle ways, like small fragments of paper moving as they walked by and the carpet being disturbed when walked over by them.

12:20, I remember a good while after getting comfortable becoming afraid to look at the windows after seeing faces looking back at me, the room was well lit so hallucinations were not easily noticeable but the darkness outside allowed them to form just fine.

12:30, I decided to chat with some friends over the phone but found it increasingly difficult as I started experiencing blurriness and double vision when looking at objects up close, I was able to use the phone fine when I closed one eye at a time but this action also made the blurriness and double vision worse each time I tried opening both again. I opened my phone camera to see what I looked like and was disturbed by seeing myself with my eyes crossed, I've always had difficulty crossing my eyes intentionally so seeing myself like that without effort made me wonder if I would be stuck like that. With a lot of effort and focusing on farther away objects I was able to make my eyes uncross and my double vision was reduced for the time but not gone.

12:45, A friend of mine I had an argument with earlier in the night came into my room to visit, I was fairly certain at the time that this is real and not imagined, they were staying the night at my house and had good reason to come talk but after reading some more trip reports from others I'm not so certain. I don't remember the exact topic of the conversation but I remember that I wasn't hallucinating for the time, focusing on socializing was enough to get my brain off formulating images for me it seems, I do remember being forgetful and having a hard time remembering the questions they asked me and I would sometimes lose my thought mid sentence and trail off, this was disorientating and gave me some anxiety. They left not long after and I was back to focusing on the transparent people walking around my room.

1:00, Despite being afraid I'd slip into a coma or die in my sleep I decided around this time I was tired of watching the same visuals and would turn off the lights and get to sleep, I turned my back away from the rest of the room so I wouldn't get scared by anything I saw then closed my eyes and laid still hoping I'd fall asleep, this took a while and I remember it was difficult but I didn't have anymore hallucinations auditory or visual until I fell asleep.

7:30, I woke up for the first time out of extreme thirst, I finished off my glass of water and fell back asleep

11:30, I woke up for the day, I felt weak and tired, I felt a mild pain in my side and this concerned me because I know DPH can be hard on the liver but this vanished quickly after standing up and I believe it was dehydration related.

Aftermath, throughout the day I had a noticeably harder time with memory and attention, I'd forget details and often whole conversations, I'm assuming this is temporary and has to do with DPHs Anti-Cholinergic properties, Acetylcholene having to do with memory if I recall correctly. I also felt groggy throughout the day and never fully woke up to the extent I usually do. I found this trip interesting as I didn't break through into full delirium and was still able to differentiate between what was real and imagined but still had some memorable hallucinations. I also had a recurring fear throughout the next day, likely unrelated to the effects of the DPH that I had died in my sleep and was experiencing an afterlife or dream but was able to rationalize my way out of those thoughts.

Submitted by Chedaki91

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