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Experience reports - LSD

  • Date: 27/08/2019
  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg / 172 lbs
  • Experience Level: trips on LSD before this one
  • Substances Taken: 5 LSD tabs (200 ug each) + 40 mg Noopept + 5 mg Nicotine + 20 mg Coluracetam + 300 mg Phenibut
  • Setting: Home with family, in my room in the 1st floor


I was preparing this experience for a few days, the day had come, it was a beautiful and sunny day:

+00:00 (3pm): I take 1 LSD bottler sublingually, it tastes bitter, I wonder if this thing is real

+00:20: Playing Mindfulness videos on youtube to prepare for the trip

+01:12: Nothing felt, added 1.7 LSD tab, it still feels bitter

+01:45: Added 0.5 LSD tab and Noopept + Coluracetam

+02:15: Added one more LSD tab

+02:34: Added one more LSD tab

+02:35: Now it kicks in (very late): I see brighter and more contrasting colors, my body temperature goes up.

+02:45: Playing World of Tanks multiplayer, trying Platoon for the first time. I feel emotional I am like the daddy of my teammates.

+03:05: Feeling the materials, I feel every hair on my skin. I decide to start drawing

+03:15: The paper I'm drawing on is breathing. Everything feels organic

+03:40: I'm in a state I describe as Shamanic (while watching Trance music) +04:03: I feel everything around me, everything is made of bright light

+04:19: I'm ecstatic, the world is beautiful, full of colors, the green plants around me are breathing. Everything is melting.

+04:57: I try 1mg spray shots of nicotine. The visual feel even better instantaneously. I'm in full synaesthesia (I see smells and I see music)

+05:19: I play world of tanks again, I managed to snipe a scout going 60km/hour with a turretless Tank destroyer (I never done that before). Time seems to slow down when I am In a critical situation in game which actually helps. I "feel" the presence of every player and what their intentions are.

+06:08: I get lost in thought

+06:18: I view myself in 3rd person, I no longer exists, I would describe it as controlling a puppet which is no longer me

+06:45: I get a phone call from my parents, every emotion is exaggerated.

+07:00: I have a super sharp vision, I see my skin in 3D, I see below the surface and represent it in my head, I see my skin texture and it looked like written arabic letters which, I thought, hide a message from a divine power.

+08:57 (~ midnight): Still feeling the effects, fearing my parent coming +10:00: My right leg swells and it hurts a lot. I feel and see the blood go in my veins. I take Penibut to sleep but it does nothing.

+11:00: I start reading an Astronomy book: I see the pictures in 3D and relationships everywhere

+13:30: Going downstairs in the dark, I'm worried to get scared but I take the risk because I'm thirsty. I find milk which tastes amazing, I took a fruit juice but is crap (too much fake sugar)

+14:30: Someone has woke up in the house

+15:30: Seeing the outside, waking, birds, greens plants: Peaceful moment

+16:00: Reading a book: on acid, it is like reading whole pages at once.

+17:00: Tidying up my room, overthinking everything

+18:45: Finally Sleeping

This was by far the most powerful and enjoyable experience in my life. My light depression went away instantly. I spent the next 2 weeks thinking about this experience and how amazing it was. My next psychedelic experience was 5 months later.

Submitted by Extremix

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