Experience:Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (5 seeds) - Five seeds from hell

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Experience reports - LSA

  • Date: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 74kg / 163lbs
  • Age: 17


I don't have much to say about Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose seeds other than that they took me through hell. I ground up five seeds in a pestle in a mortar, stirred the powder in water, allowed the mixture to sit overnight, and then filtered the following day through a coffee filter.

T+0 - I sipped on the LSA brew, chasing each drink with a sip of ginger tea. I'd heard a lot of bad things about the LSA nausea, so I made sure not to eat anything a few hours before. The ginger tea was included to also reduce nausea. The taste wasn't too terrible. It kind of tastes like a watered down brew of compost. It was not pleasant.

T+30 - I took a walk around my neighborhood and started noticing some stomach discomfort around the thirty-minute mark. No real effects other than placebo.

T+45 - 1:30 - Got home, and threw on some music. Music didn't sound much better. I had a pretty heavy body load and just wanted to lay down. I laid on my couch for a solid 45 minutes. I didn't have any pleasant effects. Mostly just wondering why nothing was happening

T+1:45 - Mom called me to dinner. I sat down to eat and was on the verge of tears throughout the whole meal. I couldn't eat much. I then did the dishes and didn't feel much better.

T+2:00 - I feel fucked. Everything is shitty. I'm worried about my girlfriend for no reason at all, and I hate everything. I just want to cry. I was burning some incense in my room at the time (Aloe Vera scented. This will be relevant later). I decide that staying around the house is only making things worse, so I take a bike ride.

T+2:15 - Still no pleasant effects. Biking is easy. I biked all around my side of town, and while riding, I came to the conclusion that drug use was making me depressed. This made me happier, so I biked faster. I called up a friend of mine and said I was done doing all drugs (I'm a pretty regular weed smoker). She was happy for me, and said she would help if I "slid back into use."

T+3:30 - Got home from my bike ride. Still getting really bad vibes from the house, so I decide to go out for a jog. Still no fun effects. I'm just chasing the high that comes after exercise. I ran to a nearby track and just jogged around for an hour.

T+4:30 - I finally come back home, thinking that everything is better. Once I enter my room, I smell the Aloe incense. This immediately brings back the horrible emotions that I was feeling a couple of hours ago, so I spray cologne all over my room, burn a different incense, and throw away the aloe incense. This feels mildly liberating, and though I still am having negative emotions, I am doing better.

T+5:00 - I throw in the movie "Remember The Titans" to keep my mind off of things. I've pretty much forgotten that I was even tripping. No real good effects are noticeable.

T+ 6:30 - Deciding that I was no longer tripping, I call my girlfriend up. I tell her that I am done with all drugs and that I drank tea (the LSA brew) that showed me drugs were hurting our relationship. She is very happy, and so am I.

T+ 8:00 - I'm pretty exhausted, so I lay down in bed. The seeds have completely worn off now, and the only reason I realize that is because I begin regretting my decision to stop doing drugs.

4 days later, I bought some weed, and smoked.

Submitted by - Wispy

Effects analysis

  • Nausea - "and started noticing some stomach discomfort"
  • Depression - "I feel fucked. Everything is shitty. I'm worried about my girlfriend for no reason at all, and I hate everything. I just want to cry."