Experience:Amanita muscaria 6cm diamter dried cap smoked

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Experience reports - Amanita muscaria

  • Date: 20.10.2016 12:20PM
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 29
  • Weight: 86 kg / 150 lbs
  • Set: Bedroom at the pc with music in the background
  • Setting: Excited to try Amanita Muscaria for first time
  • Intention: Simply giving it a try


Two days ago we went to the nearby forest to look some mushrooms and i was in shock when we found 1,7 kg fresh Fly-Agaric mushrooms. Dried them in a mushroom drying device and left in a jar wrapped in newspaper.

Today i did some research how to prepare the mushroom. One of the ways to ingest them is to simply smoke the skin of the mushroom. I took one of the dried caps about 6 cm in diameter. Scraped the gills from the cap with a toothpick (was super easy)and grinded it in a grinder with some tobacco and rolled a spliff. Smoked it on the balcony wondering what will happen. The smoke felt surprisingly mild and smelled and tasted like roasted nuts. I could feel the effects during smoking already, I finished the spliff and went back to my room. I'm feeling a mild warm buzz right now. Music sounds great and there is a nice mild euphoric body high present aswell. Getting chills right now, while writing this report. I'm salivating as hell and if i touch my wounds on my hands the pain is somewhat suppressed. On closed eyes there's something going on. Its not the usual visual noise we can see everyday sober but there's not much in it. Don't really think anything more will happen but I am totally enjoying myself. Next time ill test the effects after smoking a larger quantity.

There is potential in the shroom and can tell this tiny forest fellow i tried today is a great mood enhancer.

Submitted by - Antiharmonix

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