Experience:100mg Zaleplon (Oral)-Zolpidems cousin.

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Experience reports - Zaleplon

  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
  • Misc: I will be taking this in my house with my roommate coming and going, but he will mostly not be here. I have experience with multiple stimulants, depressants, dissociatives, psychedelics, and cannabinoids. I will be going into this while completely sober, I did take DXM yesterday but I don't feel any hangover at this point, my stomach is empty.


T:+0:00m It's 5:30PM on the dot and I just tossed and washed 100mg of Zaleplon.
T:+0:05m Already feel slightly lightheaded and my thoughts are a little disorganized.
T:+0:15m Elevated mood and mild cognitive euphoria also some anxiolytic effects seem to be present, no visual distortions up till now except maybe a little acuity and color enhancement.
T:+0:30m I have a decent amount of memory suppression and analysis suppression, time compression is also present, I just noticed visual drifting in my peripheral vision minor motor control loss. Mild auditory distortions.
T:+0:45m The mouse on the screen would leave a line of what looks like smoke behind it when it moves. I have Pattern recognition enhancement, I can see anything I want on a symmetrical texture and the same texture was morphing, breathing and drifting. I got optical magnification while i started to get closer to the screen the text was magnifying much faster than it should while I leaned in to it.
T:+1:13m I was looking close at my screen and as I pulled away i also pulled up a full 3D castle of text straight out of my screen it only maintained it's shape for around a second.
T:+1:30m Reading is very difficult as the text is uncooperative and some words drift deep in to the page as if it were three dimensional others instead started dancing like a snake. I have a very disorganized thought process and my ski helmet looks like a gorilla and its moving. Looking at my moquette I had incredible control over what i would see, I could make any thing I wanted just show up.
T:+2:00 Returning to baseline really quickly.

Submitted by Matteo

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