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Steam: id/mathye

Twitter: @MD__DDR

Drug of choice


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Snatch (2000) is my favourite movie to rewatch, a perfect blend of comedy, crime and style.


A lot of Adult Swim shows, including Xavier Renegade Angel, Moral Orel and The Heart She Holler.


BEMANI music is my style as well as some trance and drum 'n bass.

Video games

Rocket League, Dance Dance Revolution, Killing Floor 2 and Animal Crossing NH

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Personal information
Real name

MD / Emm




United Kingdom


April 13th

Places I have lived

UK - Gorleston, Norwich, Worcester, High Wycombe


Buckinghamshire New University / University of Worcester / City College Norwich

About me

24 year old English business graduate and personal trainer, and user of substances (darknet buyer).

Height: 174cm Weight: 67kg

Track record is as follows with dosage experience:

Methylphenidate: Prescription as a high school student. Have begun using as a legitimate medication for chronic ADHD, so I don't consider this recreational.

Caffeine: Only used in energy drinks.

Alcohol: Most I've taken is 13 units in one night.

Weed: Frequent smoker with a Dynavap M 2019.

Edibles: Max dose of 180mg, most frequently use 50-100mg.

LSD: Usually take 1 tab when tripping, but have done 2 tabs (400ug) to test limits.

Shrooms: 1.7g dried cubensis chocolate was my first and only dose.

Phenibut: 2-2.5g on its own.

MDMA: 100-150mg pure.

2C-B: Listed as 25mg but more likely in 15mg territory. Have taken up to a possible 30mg.

Nitrous: 1 whippet in a balloon several times in a night with breaks in between sessions. I've tried 2 whippets worth as well.

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