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Experience reports - Zaleplon and 4-HO-MET

  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 55-60 kg / 120-130 lbs
  • Misc: I will be taking this in my house alone. I have experience with multiple stimulants, depressants, dissociatives, psychedelics, and cannabinoids, but none with deliriants (except a prior experience with this combination). I will be taking this right after I comedown from my previous 50 mg Zaleplon experience, my stomach by now is empty. I was not initially planning on taking anything other than the Zaleplon.


T:00 = 11:35AM, Onset: 5 min - 15 min (Zaleplon)

T:00 - I toss and wash 86mg of Zaleplon orally.

T:+20 min - I feel calm and relaxed.

T:+40 min - Nothing is happening, plugged an extra 35mg. It might have a very fast tolerance buildup.

T:+1h - Basically still feel sober so I decided to take a psychedelic as well since last time I vaped some 4-ho-MET at the same time it made for a very interesting experience,I have Etizolam at hand, Plugged 20mg 4-ho-MET.

T:+1:20min - Vaped an additional 30mg of 4-ho-MET everything is moving, the text I’m writing is twisting and morphing, the distortions on my couch look like insects crawling under the surface. Everything is covered in patterns that I have never seen on psychedelics alone, instead of geometry they consists of many poorly colored lines intertwining in interesting ways, reminds me of tribal face paintings.

T:+1:40 min - The objects in my peripheral vision come to life and look like people doing human things, they return to normal as soon as I direct my attention to them, I also keep hearing people talking but no one is here. I feel like the whole room is being spun around. The headspace is completely different from the psychedelic one this is delirium.

T:+2:00 min - I now see level 4 geometry covering every surface especially my window, all the trees are dancing pleasantly and my vision is in high definition, I can see every branch on the pine trees outside spinning individually which is very common for me on 4-ho-MET and 1p-LSD but I have and incredible control over the visuals and can bend the trees as I wish, I can also lower my visual focus and make things look like what I want (eg. made a tree look like a human and hit a baseball with a bat). I can maintain a state of no thought for as long as I please but I can't seem to sink into my brain as I would on a psychedelic alone. The more i concentrate on writing this the stronger the hallucinations around me become.

T:+4:00 min - Still tripping really hard but the psychedelic headspace is starting to overpower the deliriant one.

T:+6:00 min - Close to baseline, feel extremely mentally drained took 1.5mg Etizolam and 6g of Kratom to feel human again (and just to feel nice).

I've never tried a deliriant but I assume this is what the headspace would be like, I still found this to be extremely entertaining and fun and I've never had a psychedelic change my surroundings in such an explosive way. I believe Zaleplon has anxiolytic properties as I didn't have any instances of anxiety or fear but there are multiple reports of nightmare trips when a similar combination is attempted with Zolpidem so proceed with caution (I've also never blacked out on Zaleplon alone which seems to be common on Zolpidem)

Submitted by Matteo

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