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The images hosted within this wiki have been collected from various sources on the internet.

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A replication in the context of psychonautics is defined as a work that recreates the subjective effects that can be experienced under the influence of hallucinogens. The term is only applicable when the creative output is from a "first person" vantage point and can be made through the use of images, video and audio. Replications serve to formally document and represent certain experiences at a level of detail which written language and descriptive analysis are unable to achieve.

Examples are shown below. To view more replications, click on the grey circles under the picture.

Acuity enhancement

Colour enhancement

Pattern recognition enhancement

Double vision


Colour shifting



Symmetrical texture repetition

Scenery slicing

Environmental orbism

Environmental cubism

Geometry (Artwork)

Geometry (Fractals)

Geometry (Shipibo textiles)

Autonomous entities

Shadow people

Unspeakable horrors


The links below contain Youtube tutorials which provide methods behind the replication of specific or multiple subjective effects. Please list any instructional guides regarding this topic below and be sure to credit the original author.

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