Experience:100ug 1P-LSD (Oral) + Cannabis - Self Realizations

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Experience reports - 1P-LSD

  • Date: 29/03/2018
  • Sex: M
  • Height: ~5'5"
  • Weight: 45.5 kg / 100 lbs



I have had previous experiences with a couple of the traditional psychedelics, including Psilocybe Cubensis (5+ times), LSD-25 (7+ times), 1P-LSD ( 3+ times), DMT (twice, didn’t break through). In my past experiences I’ve never taken a whole tab of 1P-LSD all at once, while I have done 2 tabs of LSD-25. I use cannabis on most days and I use it to medicate myself. It has been known to treat anxiety and ADHD disorders and when I was prescribed medications, I always reacted badly to them and found they were very easy to abuse. Smoking a little bit of weed seems to treat me better than the pills I was prescribed in the past. At the time I just got out of a pretty serious relationship and wasn’t fully over it. Tripping probably wasn’t the best idea, but after the whole thing was over I personally felt like some things had been resolved. I tripped with two other friends of mine in my room.


7:00 PM: We decided to get baked first so we each had a bowl and prepared the area for tripping.

7:30 PM: Dropped one tab, no taste whatsoever. We each had another bowl. I was slightly anxious, but I usually get slight anxiety whenever I’m about to trip.

8:15 PM: Physical euphoria and spontaneous physical sensation were starting to come on, I was very slightly starting to trip. I didn’t have much anxiety.

8:45 PM: It was starting to come on pretty heavy, I was getting intense shivers throughout my body and slight discomfort in my stomach. I will admit it was hitting harder than expected and I was a little anxious.

9:45 PM: I was starting to trip hard. The edges of objects are completely blurred and my room looked very hazy and “soft.” I was getting very distinct drifting effects. Objects around my room were were morphing and melting into weird shapes slightly and when I looked at my friends faces their head’s would literally flow and morph around like a bubble. We were starting to get stuck in thought loops, and I stopped keeping track of time, so I will just describe the rest of the effects I got and a little bit of what happened. Music sounded so nice. It almost sounded like the music was made for tripping. It was beautiful. I had the idea that my friend was tripping very hard, because it was his first time tripping but in reality he was handling it perfectly well. I got really sucked into the trip, and got constant mood swings. Songs felt like they went on for hours, and felt like they kept playing on repeat multiple times. At points in the music, the singing would just reverse and the voices would be talking backwards, while the music kept playing. For a large part of the night I had delusions that my one friend hated me, it was very weird

11:30 PM: I was tripping so hard, one of the posters on my walls had this repeating pattern on it and it went off the poster and covered my entire room with this pattern. Our original plan was to go out for a walk but that night it poured rain so we had to stay inside. My room was a little small and there wasn't a lot to do so we basically sat in my room listening to music tripping out over my wall hangings and tapestries. We were all stuck in some weird thought loop and kept having the same conversations for hours, I was starting to freak out. Time made no sense to me and minutes felt like actual hours. I decided I wanted to go to bed, and this was probably the worst decision I made that night. I went to the corner where my bed was and tried to wait it out there while my friends tripped out around me. I was having very deep thoughts about things in my life and how things are going. I felt what felt like physical pain, but it was clearly just strong emotional pain manifesting itself. I was extremely emotional, and had constant mood swings. My thoughts weren't actual thoughts, but they more felt like emotions them selves. I didn't have the voice in my head repeating what I'm thinking about but instead all my thoughts seemed to collect together into some sort of realization about my current state, and the voice was telling me something instead.

2:00 AM: Around 2, everyone said they were very mentally exhausted, and wanted to lay down for the night so they could just think about what just happened. I was laying on my couch staring at my dresser, music was still playing and I was still felt like I was tripping fully. My dresser started to animate and morph into a weird character and then the music started to distort again when I focused on it. Every time I've done 1P-LSD my peak lasts 6 hours and I end up falling asleep still fully tripping. I laid there listening to the music distort and watching my dresser morph into impossible shapes.

Submitted by Tryp7amine

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