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Experience reports - U47700


U47700 - Everyday for 30 days


Please note, I can't say for sure which other drugs were affecting me during this time, I can say for sure, it would have been everything including: ethyl-hexedrone, diazepam, temazepam, morphine, 80mg of methadone daily taken everyday at 1:30PM. I also may have used alprazolam and other sedatives like promethazine during this time.

I got a hold of 10 grams of pure u-47700 early when it was relatively new the the markets I frequented. The ten grams costs around 250-300 Australian dollars. I sold a gram of it in a series of 50mg and 100mg bags and everyone I sold it do simply believed me when I told them it was pure No.4 red lion stamp, just crushed up with a lil bit of cut. No complaints, no problems, even with those who were using intravenously - they would suffer more damage from IV injecting the thick mush of MS Contin than they would from IV'n or IM'n the available u47700. I think in the end, I used most of it for myself, about 9 grams over the course of thirty days. I would consume roughly 350mg a day, spread among capsuled doses of 2-3 servings. I was consuming it orally 70% of the time and rectally 25% of the time, IV'n it once or twice, which was quite akin to a sort of heroin high, a full time quality heroin user could would have been able to tell the difference eventually though, just from it's smell and taste. So like I said, usually everyday I'd do 3 100mg caps, maybe 1 when I got my methadone, then I would smoke cannabis for a while till about 4/20 when my methadone was in full affect (I was smoking weed everyday throughout these 30 days, 24/7), I'd pop the remaining 2-250mg's of U47700 caps. This lasted me exactly 30 days and the withdrawal was quite mild compared to other opiates. I went back to just relying on my methadone pretty quickly.

I know allot of people have had far worse things to say about this compound, but I believe if you're someone that is on about 100mg of methadone a day and want to have some fun, pure uncut U47700 is a great substitute opiate if it's not already illegal in your country. 300 dollars for thirty days worth is a steal when I think about the money I splurged on heroin whilst on the methadone program. As long as it's accurately dosed and you are an experienced opiate user with a high tolerance than this is a real wonder drug.

My finding: These lack earlier reference, I'm working from a very intoxicated memory bank here. But I'd put the bio-availability of U47700 at about %50-60 compared to the %100 that's delivered when it's IV'd. A good drug for those of us who have done our homework. Only order this stuff if you sure it's legal in your country, because it's Schedule 1 in allot of places as of me writing this.

Submitted by QUEST92

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