Experience:150mg DPT - A Walk Into The Depths of Insanity

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Trip Reports - DPT

  • Date: 12/3/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Age: 19
  • Dosage: 150mg
  • Route of Administration: Insufflated


After having tripped on DPT at least 10 times, I thought that I had mastered the chemical. I was completely wrong. On 12/3/2017 at about 12:00PM I decided that I would insufflate 150 milligrams of DPT and go on a walk up the road to the dollar store. Shortly after leaving home, I vomited profusely (due to the unsettling taste of the chemical's drip). Within 5 minutes, I was experiencing intense level 6 geometry. I began to freak out, thinking that there was no way I could go inside the dollar store like this. I continued walking, but it did not feel like I was moving at all. It felt as if I was walking in place while the world was zooming past me. As things became increasingly more intense, my trip took on a sinister and very unpleasant vibe. The visuals were so intense that I no longer knew where I was. The bodily sensations and visual impairment were just completely overwhelming. I had an extremely disconcerting sense of dysphoria. I felt as if I were in a cartoon-like nightmare. Even though I am very experienced with this chemical, I had formed a delusion that my mind was completely broken and I had gone insane. I thought the trip would never end - it felt like I had been tripping for hours even though it was barely 15 minutes. At this point, I began to really start spazzing out. I would run back and forth up and down the road forgetting where I was and where I was going. I was completely lost, and I kept telling myself how much of an idiot I was for thinking I could handle this. I completely accepted that my mind was broken, that I would never be the same again. At this point, I started to form very unsettling scenarios and plots. I thought that I had been running around town tweaking for hours, and that everyone was in their yard pointing at me and laughing. I could literally hear voices yelling "Look at him! He's gone crazy!" I felt as if I had made some big mistake, and everyone knew what was going on. In reality, I don't think anyone was around. I ended up sitting on a bridge, overlooking a river. I thought that life as I knew it was over. I thought about how my family would react, knowing that I had gone insane. They had warned me several times to stop taking psychedelic drugs, or I would one day end up in a mental hospital. I did not want to be suffering like this for all eternity in a mental hospital, so I came to the conclusion that I must die. At first, I was upset about this. I was literally in tears. I thought about everything that would happen once I died. I felt sorry for all of the people who would be affected, and the people who would get in trouble for supplying me with this "impure" DPT that had so severely and indefinitely ruined my mind. I thought about my family and how much they would missed me, I even imagined my funeral. But I did not care - I was intent to end this pain and suffering. I thought about all of the ways I could die. Perhaps drown myself in the river? Jump in front of someone's car? But then I realized that I was may not be spiritually prepared for death. What if the trip continued into the afterlife? Would I be suffering like this for ever and ever? I decided that I had to say goodbye to my mother. I ran home and told her that I had taken a drug called dipropyltryptamine, and that I had gone insane forever. She had no clue what I was talking about, and was very concerned because I had lost one of my sandals, I had a busted bloody lip, and I was covered in vomit and mud. I begged my mom to kill me and put me out of my misery, before I got into the system and would have to suffer forever. She called 911 and told the paramedics that I was suffering from a drug overdose. They rushed me into the emergency room as if I was dying, which did not make my trip go any better. They said that my heart rate was 4 times what it should be, and my blood pressure was sky high. Thankfully, my trip came to an end shortly after arriving at the hospital. The doctors had no clue what to do since they had never heard of DPT. They contacted the poison control center, and then made me stay on IV fluids for over 5 hours. I also had to do a psychological evaluation before being able to leave.

This was an extremely humbling experience, and I have learned that I must show proper respect for a chemical this powerful. I had no business going in public on such a high dose, let alone by myself. I am very lucky that I did not commit suicide, even when I had accepted that it was the only option. I have tripped hundreds of times over the past few years, and never experienced anything this profound.

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