Experience:Salvia Divinorum 40x (smoked) - First time tripping ever. Lego Land.

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Experience reports - Salvia

  • Date: 07/03/2017
  • Age: 15
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'11" / 180 cm
  • Weight: 145 lbs / 65.7 kg
  • Dosage: 40x extract of Salvinorin A. About 1 bowl. Smoked out of bong with normal flint lighter. 100mg Zoloft.
  • Time and setting: 2:00 pm EST My room with black light posters. Alone. I've used pot regularly prior. Prescribed Zoloft for over a year.
  • Trip length: About 40 mins.


Info about me: Here we are. Me. A depressed teen looking to get out of depressions grasps. Me of having past tramatic experiences wanted to seek good life. (this is all behind me now) I ordered the salvia online it I waited anxiously and I was excited and happy when it came. Unknowlingly how stupid I was on how potent it was loaded the bowl with the salvia and cannabis (I researched this prior to usage a small bit to see what effects I'd get hoping to change my perception on reality) I listen to Marilyn Manson a lot and love his music thinking it would calm me down during the trip. So I put on the dope show.

The hit: I hit the bong watching the thich yellow smoke go through the water. I then held it for 20 seconds.

The trip: I exhaled then layed on my bed. And in a matter of seconds my depth preception went. Causing everything in my sight to change shape especially the keyboard on my computer I started to lose control of my moter fuctions and consinsnous. I remember saying "Oh shit this is it here we go!" every sound was either deepend or high pitched. Then Everything melted into some sort of tunnel of very colorful legos with me getting dragged through it at high speeds. The textures and colors where surreal. I thought I was in some kind of different reality. I looked around and saw lots of machinery for miles you can see. With colors like red yellow green orange and purple very bright and beautiful. And a face singing the lyrics to the song I was listening to it was also high pitched. I also had intense feelings of cold pins and needles go in circles on my body which got uncomfortable real quick. I didn't like it and got spooked. I then kept telling myself it will pass and that it was gonna be a bumpy ride. I then got up and it swithced to some mushroom land. i was getting dragged by my arms and saw mushrooms that where colorful. then i started hyper ventilating because the pins and needles became so intense. I then went out into the kitchen and saw it rip apart into a white void. I then went into my room and layed back down and closed my eyes for the remainder of the trip. i saw minor fractals with my eyes closed that where white and black.

The Aftermath: I then took a nap to recollect my thoughts on what just happened. After I woke up it seemed that my depression was gone and that I had no worry. My Self esteem was back. I felt that if it gave me hope that I don't have it that bad. I contemplate on doing a smaller dosage. It was fun and scary at the same time. Wouldn't recommend to most people. It's not for everyone. That concludes this trip report I hope people heed caution to this drug as it's not for the weak minded. (end)

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