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Experience reports - 1 Blotter LSD


  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Date: 03/2020
  • Location: Costa Rica / San José


Experienced user with all class of drugs and chemicals (uppers, downers, psychedelics, deliriants, dissociatives, inhalants etc...) Experienced very well with LSD up to 1mg of LSD consumed in the past, currently on Nozinan (Levomepromazine), Sodium Divalproate (Epival), Effexor (Venlafaxine), set and setting: (Set: wrathful, then relaxed and happy), (Setting: safe and comfortable)


One day at night I consumed a blotter from Lucy I was with who was my best friend (and dealer too), an acquaintance of mine and three friends and the boyfriend of one of the 3 friends. Now, let's give these guys code names.

  • My best friend (and dealer): Mike
  • The acquaintance: Piotr
  • Friend 1: Nicole
  • Friend 2 : Hope

History and report:

We were in a place where we always used to consume every day in an area of ​​wealthy people even though it was only less than 5 minutes walking from the center of the city (San José, CR) where there was a lot of destitution but not poverty. The place was quite crowded park for younger people was where we got to meet to get high and could even say qque conformábamos a guild that was expanding more and more and more .

We were sitting at a table in the park and Hope just meeting Mike, Hope allowed him to put his hand in his pants, great! We chatted for a while, everything was going great until a situation arose and I had nowhere to spend the night.

Mike and Piotr had also met, let's say three days before the event and had moved in together the same day they met thanks to me because they were both looking for a rental place, they decided to move in together so they suggested that outside to sleep in their house, in fact, I myself had helped them move the three days ago.

So Nicole, Hope, Mike, Piotr and I went, we went to the bus stop but it was a bit late so we wanted to get there early, therefore we took an Uber but before calling it we saw a dead cat on the main road ... Piotr and Mike went to collect it from the busy street, however, the cat did not seem to have died from a car but from a natural death in the middle of the street but when they brought it to me they said they did not want to hold it because it gave them chills to hold a corpse so I took it knowing that it is only a dead body and that death is natural; but it was at this moment when a load of anger invaded me I got terribly furious, we were near a customs office and one of the security guards saw the situation and came out with a box I told him that I hoped the box was for the cat and what buried or if he was not going to come back the next day and there would be problems, I was very angry and those who were with us at the bus stop knew it.

We called the Uber and it came, but I got into the car furious and the driver got worried so he asked us to get out of his car so we called another and it was here that Mike asked me to calm down so as not to scare the next driver.

While we were in the Uber I rested my head on Nicole's arm and I felt my anger go down, I could already feel the first signs that LSD was in my system and on the way to Mike and Piotr's house I could see the soul of the dead cat whom I had blessed to grant Moksha (freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth) and I commented on what I saw to Nicole.

When we got home from Mike and Piotr (finally) still I felt anger so Mike told me to go to his room and said , "So it will calm anger Greg (I, codename too)" and put some psytrance and encendio some psychedelic lights in the room. Hope laughed when she saw me dance psytrance but I felt something inside me a very great strength and anger so I said "Mike, I will go to the living room" so I went to the living room, I took my phone and started to hear some Kirtan (Hindu devotional music) .

As soon as it began to ring in my ears, I fell to the floor (Piotr and Nicole were in one of the rooms like Mike and Hope with the doors closed) I leaned on a box to get up but from it I took out a large machete (Piotr had a love to collect edged weapons) so I put it away immediately, I felt weak and sweaty cold, the living room (where I was) went cold (all the windows were closed) my abdomen contracted and had spasms, I began to feel a presence evil, I could not get up so I crawled on the ground, I felt bad as if the same demon wanted to enter my body but I struggled, I had to tear my shirt with my hands.

Nicole left the room to see if I was okay but froze when she saw how something was pulling my right leg (which was in the air), I was still sweating cold and the evil was still perceived as I could, I told Nicole (Go to the room this is not over yet) then my arms fell surrendered while my abdomen continued to contract and I felt a friendly and protective presence a Shaman who told me (Nothing bad will happen to you, this is part of your spiritual path) and finally the presence of the Lord Shiva by my side.

At that moment Piotr came out and I commented to him , but Piotr told me that that was not a good thing (spiritually speaking) I asked Piotr to leave and not open the door again , but he would fall into the same trance state so Mike He came out to ask me if I was alright and with signs I told him if he should go to leave me alone in my fight and he told me that the living room was very cold and he left

I was able to get up and I began to see shadows all around me, shadows that hit the windows, I began to sing a hymn to God Shiva in Sanskrit to drive away those evil spirits and indeed they came running up to me but they could not touch me, a spiritual barrier prevented them. and angry began to move a chair, the only chair in the living room, he felt his hatred and fury, I already felt purified and free so I continued singing and it was here when I heard that those infernal beings were making fun of me so I heard that my voice split into three voices (I need to say my friends listened it too and they told me that when everything ended), one of the lights began to flicker and the atmosphere was tense, I finally managed to drive away the spirits from the house (a house which was famous because there they scared), the place where I felt the energy accumulated from that presence disappeared and everything returned to normal.

Finally I entered Piotr's room, took a drag on a cannabis cigarette and blew the smoke out into the living room in reverence to God Shiva.

When we were going to go to sleep I sheltered Nicole and days later we started a love story. It is important to say that when he finished that night in the morning a glass fell off the table without anyone moving a finger, then something never happened again.

Submitted by UnusualCR

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