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Experience reports - Zaleplon

I'm a 20 year old male and I weigh 55kg, I will be taking this in my house with my roommate coming and going, but he will mostly not be here. I have experience with multiple stimulants, depressants, dissociatives, psychedelics, and cannabinoids, but none with deliriants. I will be going into this while completely sober, I woke up a little over an hour ago and have food in my stomach.

T:00=9:32AM Onset 5m-15m Peak 30m-45m Offset 1:15m-1:30

T:+00 Ingested 50mg of Zaleplon powder at 9:32 AM

T:+16m Mild confusion and disorientation when doing normal tasks, similar to what’s present on psychedelics. Thought process is different closest description is mind fog. I’m very calm, possible muscle relaxation. Just made a spelling mistake which would not happen sober (relaxacion instead of relaxation) English is not my first language.

T:+30m Visual drifting present in a symmetrical texture in my peripheral vision, when speaking the words don’t come to mind in time and my roommate noted slower speech.

T:40m Decrease in social anxiety while speaking to my roommate I wouldn’t check every word before I said it, could be considered disinhibition.

T:+45m Had a hint of dysphoria, I feel heavy when walking slight loss of balance. Feel more clearheaded now for some reason, visual drifting, distortions and slicing are present with symmetrical textures, when I take my eyes away I have an imprint of the texture overlaying my visual field for much longer than they should. Speaking is difficult as I can’t get the words from my mind to my mouth, oddly enough I can type just fine, rather quickly I should add, and words do come to mind for that purpose.

T:+1:40m Not sober but nearing baseline.