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Experience reports - DMT

  • Date: 01/2020
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Nonbinary
  • Weight: 52kg / 115lb (estimate based on last known weight)
  • Dose: Unknown (smoked/vaporized)
  • Misc: Goal going in is to slowly work my way up to a breakthrough experience.


(Anything in parentheses is an annotation added afterwards to provide extra details/background. Everything else is left exactly as I wrote it on the comedown to preserve authenticity/the events themselves. I only have a few timestamps because I originally typed this out in a chat. Even though I looked at my phone I could not hold on to the numbers. Apologies in advance for it jumping around just a little.)

(Time: 09:44 — This is typed out right after the first encounter is complete.)




(Time: 09:53)

Let's do it. I'm calling the DMT beings again

(In my current state of mind, smoking DMT was equated with signaling out through the DMT dimensions.)

[goes back in time just a little]

(Time: 09:30 - 09:35 is my best guess — I backtrack and begin by describing the setting just before the first hit and up to the above stating I was not yet finished here.)

So I have this sticky looking residue on my pipe from when I was taking my practice hits right? I decided to see if I could vaporize any of that so I didn't have to go through trouble of loading more into it.

(The DMT was sealed off to the side and I didn't want to open it up just to grab the tiniest little pinch. I wasn't planning on doing multiple doses.)

I can get just a little bit off of the sides right?

(I was very much intimidated by a full DMT breakthrough despite it being on the very top of the list of drugs I just had to get my hands on. I was trying to get my feet wet with a few light doses and then steadily ramp things up over a period of time. Previously, the most intense thing I had experienced was a visit from some kind of deity. Like it was observing me with some kind of curiosity; never got up close and personal with me. It had some strong Aztec/Maya vibes because of the patterns on its body. The head was like a Sierpinski triangle with eyes. The appearance changed constantly as it was roaming, but the main themes stayed the same. Considering that I stayed firmly put in my room for that visit, my guess is that it had been around a medium strength dose.)

I exhale what I got and instead of a small wisp it's a giant cloud.

I see the cloud and I'm just like "......"

(The visuals were also more intense than any peak I had experienced yet. Probably less than 10 seconds in after taking just a single hit.)

Then I hear.... Something coming. From outside this world.

I stumble from my desk to my nest in the corner because for some reason I figured that was the right place to be. I am racing whatever was coming to get there. Mind you, I've also got 7inch stilettos on. And I have to dodge my boxes in the middle of the floor.

As soon as I lay down, I feel some kind of machinery grab onto me.

No, not onto me. Onto my plane of existence.

So these mechanical arms grab EVERYTHING and take it to their dimension.

By that, I mean they merge the two into one and the same.

(Previously I was always able to easily make out my surroundings, with maybe a hint of something else peeking through. This was now distinct and new yet slightly familiar due to my dimension making up part of the current amalgamation.)

At some point some kind of droid convinced me to close my eyes. So I do.

I catch a glimpse of what I thought was my captor, but then the two dimensions separate again, and slowly my room materializes from what I now know is a dimension-spanning space ship of sorts.

(Chronologically, it would be here that I make the three exclamations from above.)

I had this feeling in my gut that there was more that I was meant to see, but that meeting was rushed for some reason.

(Despite all this being thrust upon me so forcefully, I had a mission now. It doesn't take me long at all to make up my mind about what I must do.)

So I light up again, hoping to catch their attention before our dimensions drift too far apart. To ensure this I just hold my lighter under my pipe until I feel is right and take a fat rip. Soon I can hear the same sound, but luckily I'm already waiting patiently at the pick up spot.

Not long, and I feel the same mechanical arms grab a hold of this dimension and merge it with their own.

My friend the droid comes up to me and I tell it that this is a familiar drill already and I shut my eyes

This time, instead of this giant mechanoid thing which I previously thought was my captor, I see Them.

The most beautiful. The most pristine. The most perfect geometry I had ever seen. I knew that this was what I didn't get a chance to see last time.

I open my eyes and my droid friend just tells me to close them again. Of course I oblige, and continue my interactions with Them. Until they tell me that this is as long as they can stay and that they have business elsewhere. I manage to squeeze in a farewell before my eyes are forcibly torn open due to the dimensions drifting apart.

In my naïveté I try to call after Them. I take another hit. No sound of Them. I try again, and still hear no sound. I verify that I do in fact still have residue left in the bowl. I try one last time, give a real good hit. Something.

But it's not Them. My call was answered by something else.

I see something is approaching, a shadow so I can't make it out. Slightly worried. I decide to stay put. I have faced Death on shrooms and LSD before, so whatever it is I decided that it cannot scare me.

Then the tendrils break through my ceiling, followed by what I can only assume is the local equivalent of dirt. No wonder I couldn't see anything approach, I was pulled underground.

Some of the tendrils have eyes, and they open up and stare me down as a collective.

I only have two eyes, but I stare back. I can sense that whatever this is, it's trying extremely hard to scare me. I ignore everything it's doing around me and just hold my stare.

(A little later I realized that I left one event out when I hurriedly typed this all out — I close my eyes and get a glimpse of what I deduce to be its brain or equivalent structure. But only briefly for there is a screech and my eyes are torn open. That was clearly a forbidden place and I dared not try and access it again. I continue staring intently at my opponent in front of me.)

After a little bit, I can feel the atmosphere shift. This creature in front of me gives of an approving vibe.

Whatever it was, it was testing me. And I passed with flying colors. I have earned a lift back to the surface.

At this point I decided not to send out another beacon because clearly I have no possible way of knowing what answers the call.

(Time: 10:10 — I realized that anything more would be pushing my luck. There was no doubt in my mind that truly evil creatures are lurking somewhere in their own dimensions. I did not want to run into them today.)

(There is a bit of bittersweet irony to the events that transpired. Just two days prior I was warning that you have to be very careful with psychedelics or they'll kick your ass in a heartbeat. I made an analogy to using a pneumatic driver in a situation where a handheld screwdriver would suffice. This just drives that fact home even harder. Cliché warning: do as I say not as I do.)

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