Experience:480ug of LSD in a subway train

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Experience reports - LSD

  • Age: 18
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Dose: 4 x 120ug sugar cubes (I know the dose is accurate because I had bought from the same dealer before)
  • Experience: I had done the same dose before, but I had tested a single cube the day before to make sure I wasn't killing myself with nbome or something when taking 4 cubes

The trip

I had just bought the cubes and I started heading to the closest subway station and realized that it could be fun to have the trip start when I'm walking home from the subway station, so I ate the cubes before I went inside the subway station. It should take me around 35 minutes to get to the station near my home, so based on my previous experiences I though I had plenty of time.

  • T= I let the sugar cubes dissolve in my mouth one by one.

  • T+10min I got in the subway train, so I had around 30 minutes left until I was at the right station (I barely missed the previous train so it added to the time I had to wait until I would get outside again.).

  • T+20min At this point I was starting to feel a bit weird and suddenly I felt a wavelike sensation in my body and started getting concerned (nothing new to me, but I was surprised by how early it came)

  • T+30min Now when I looked at the floor I noticed the mudstains "floating" around the floor and I felt myself getting constantly higher. At this point I realized I had made a huge mistake. Apparently this time it took a very short time for the acid to take effect and I would start my trip in probably the worst possible place, a subway train.

  • T+35-40min Now the light in the subway train were flickering and the plastic stairs started melting. Everything suddenly had a metal- like glow to it and all colors were somehow at the same time more saturated and also had a gray tint to them. At this point I had around 5 minutes until I was at my station. After a few minutes The whole train started melting around me, but I finally arrived at my station. When I got to the escalator and looked up it looked like it went to heaven. The escalator was extremely long and faded out of view due to the magical white light that was at the end. When I got on the escalator it looked like I wasn't moving so I just started walking faster and faster until I was running and when I looked around me I wasn't moving at all, but suddenly I moved at a massive speed and I was at the top. (Probably good to mention I had massive anxiety throughout this and I'm surprised I was able to handle it without freaking out)

  • T+40-55min When I got outside the familiar view was definitely similar, but everything felt like it looked a bit off somehow besides the normal visuals. I wanted to get home as quickly as possible so I started running, but I constantly forgot why I was running and after a few seconds remembered it and started running again. The whole time I was weirdly anxious, but also I had a ton of fun. When I got to a smaller road leading to the hill my home is it looked like some magical trail to a cursed forest with a blue/purple fog. When I got home I went straight to my room.

After this point I can't remember the timeline. I don't really remember much from the peak of the trip sadly because I was freaking out the whole time. All I remember is going around my room and seeing flies and maggots everywhere. After that I looked at my hand and every single hair had turned into a maggot crawling from my skin, but luckily I suddenly remembered that I was on acid and after that I started to calm down. Soon after that I went to bathroom to pee and when I was looking at the mirror I looked like a really ugly neanderthal and every single pimple on my face had a maggot crawling out of it, but then I realized that I don't give a shit. This made me realize how little I actually care about my looks. At this point it had been around 4-5 hours since I took the sugar cubes and I had mostly come down from the trip and the rest was similar to the end of any other lsd trip, but with slightly stronger visuals.

When I remembered the moments when I was the most isolated from reality and freaking out the most (in other words panicking alone in my own room for no real reason), I realized that the only person I will always have to live with is myself and I should do anything to improve myself. Overall I'd say this was a positive experience and useful in the sense that I now know from experience what a bad trip is.

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