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About Me

I am quite the sensitive, emotional, poetic, musical, quirky person. I have a vast interest in science, especially regarding human consciousness and psychopharmacology / neurochemistry. I hope that one day soon, I can pursue an education and career in such a field. I have studied religion, meditation, psychology, and psychoactive substances (both in experience and personal research via the internet). I also have curiosity, albeit very little knowledge, in general chemistry.

Worth noting, I am a medical cannabis user/enthusiast. I believe in more "natural", organic medicine. Nevertheless, many synthetic compounds have served the medical community in significant ways, however, I think we can all agree that many, if not all substances require extensive research (specifically those which are significantly neurologically or biologically active). I personally believe that it is my and our responsibility to contribute to researching these mystifying chemicals... for the sake of medicine, in the name of science, and for the transcendence of the human, animal, and earthly spirits.