Experience:Nicotine (tobacco, very small amount) - Kind of underwhelming

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Experience reports - Tobacco

  • Date: 18/08/17
  • Gender: M
  • Weight: 243 lbs / 110 kg
  • Age: 14
  • Etc: ADHD. Have been around second-hand smoke multiple times.


t+000 (Approx 12:55p) - First hit from a foil-pipe connected to pen setup. It has a filter in it. Holding hits in for about 2-3 seconds; extra breath.. Used a torch lighter to light the small amount of tobacco packed into foil part.
feel...chill. I don't really get how people can get that addicted to this. I don't really want to eat; before I was kind of hungry.
I feel good, I guess. The filter is a menthol. It tastes kind of like earthy, yet spicy mint. Very obvious I've been smoking if you smelled my breath; gonna mouthwash it out.
About 3-4 hits so far. All of the tobacco has been exhausted. Fourth hit caused visible smoke.
Setup of the pipe: Pen half with filter toward the end, straw pushing against filter and poking out, pipe-ish foil wrapping around pen and letting straw in it.

t+009 (Approx 1:04p) - Huh. Well. That was basically it. I might(?) do again, but I prefer weed. Probably not gonna do any more drugs till I'm like 25, though, barring alcohol. Fuck messing with your brain. Seriously, anyone out there, wait until you're at least 25 to start doing any drug but alcohol. Even with alcohol, don't do it often or heavily. Will fuck ya up.

t+018 (Approx 1:13p) - Didn't realize, but I really have to fuckin shit. Cya.

Submitted by Corticosteroid

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