Experience:100mg 4-AcO-DMT (insufflated) - Went deep in a dark house

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Trip Reports - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Date: 11/11/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 125kg / 275 lbs
  • Age: 33
  • Dose: 25mg (insufflated)


I insufflated my dosage of 4-AcO-DMT at 8:30pm and I almost immediately started the come up. I didn't have a very long come up process, and almost peaked within 30 minutes. I sat back on my recliner, laid back listening to music, and waiting for the initial anxiety to fade away...and Then I looked at the television. I usually start with Echoes Live from Pompeii, and into the first half of the song, there was a segment of the song where the drummer is flanked by the bass player and the guitarist. The guitar and bass players were playing in time with the song I was hearing, and the drummer was playing like three times faster. I am a drummer, and I realized this wasn't how it was supposed to look for that segment, and so I shut off the television, and laid back to try to force more [CEV] than I usually have.

After about ten more minutes, I think anyways, I was seeing things in shades of green, red and blue, almost in a Matrix movie style of movement. I settled into my trip, and felt like I was physically falling down a hole, although it looked like I was moving upwards. This cognitive dissonance caused me a great deal of anxiety and gave me brief bouts of nausea, but I ended up pulling through that part of the experience by constantly thinking of my family members and how much I love them and they love me. It took what seemed like hours but every time I looked at the clock It seemed to have moved about 5 minutes each time. I ended up going outside for a walk, even though it was nighttime, I took my headlamp and took a walk through the 3 acre yard I have and the surrounding woods, which was so incredibly relaxing, even though it was outside of my preferred setting, I was much more comfortable moving around and enjoying the experience rather than sitting and letting it come to me.

In an earlier period of my life, I would have just taken a alprazolam and chalked it up to a mistake in set and setting, but I knew my set and setting were solid, so I feel justified in laying that at the feet of the dosage I took. I very rarely have taken large doses, and some of the anxiety might have been fear of the unknown. Either way, I needed to move around and doing so helped me out significantly. About 4 am, I laid down in the bed, and allowed myself to float off to sleep. My dreams were more vivid, and easier to remember than I otherwise would have noticed, and I woke up with almost a hangover feeling. I only managed 3 hours of sleep and so I didn't have the opportunity to really rest. After I went to sleep the next night, I felt much closer to baseline.

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