Experience:Phenethylamine: 500mg - 2000mg - Productive and Recreational

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Experience reports - Phenethylamine


To preface this experience, the Individual in this experience takes 125 mg of sertraline and 2 mg of guanfacine daily. The guanfacine is used for ADHD and not blood pressure. This individual was interested in phenethylamine due to its anorectic and stimulant properties, as well as its low price and legality. The first dose of phenethylamine was 500 mg on an empty stomach dissolved in water. The taste of the solution was profoundly disgusting. The effects were a slight mood boost and increased motivation. Due to the subtle nature of such a low dose, a comedown was not noticed. The next day a dose of 1000mg was taken on an empty stomach. The effects started to manifest 10 minutes after ingestion, and peaked 15 minutes thereafter. This dose gave a mild euphoria and noticeable physical stimulation. With this dose the subject was more motivated and vacuumed the floor, with much attention to detail. Once the vacuuming was complete a mild comedown began to precipitate. The next day the dosage was increased to 2000 mg, it was taken under the same conditions as the other doses. The individual experienced mild stomach churning and anxiety. Approximately 20 minutes later, he felt his face tingle. The subject then felt a huge headrush similar to an orgasm or a strong cigarette. This headrush lasted 20 minutes along with an intense euphoria. He also noticed that his vision became grainy, and that his coordination was reduced. Another effect is a marked reduction of apatite, with large doses of phenethylamine food is unappealing. A dose of 2000 mg was taken on a partially full stomach, its effects were drastically reduced, closer resembling a 1000 mg dose. The largest dose the subject has taken was 2500 mg on an empty stomach. This dose had more anxiety and nausea on the come up. The nausea led the subject to vomit 20 minutes into the experience. The noticeable effects of phenethylamine last a maximum of 30 minutes, however a subtle mood lift and increased motivation can last much longer. Phenethylamine is a useful productivity enhancer, diet aid, and recreational drug. This drug should be used in moderation to avoid anxiety and vomiting.

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