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  • Date: 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Age: 15


During the summer of 2017, I had discovered a 3 year old bottle of 5mg zopiclone pills at a relative's house. I had heard of zopiclone before then, and at the time I only had access to dxm (which is extremely expensive). Wanting to try it, I took the bottle of zopiclone (I don't recommend doing this). That night I took 3 pills, which was a bad idea being new to zopiclone and gabaergics in general. I do not remember that first experience except for self harming, which is something I hadn't done in many years, and with no apparent reason. After that I began to take it almost daily in the evening, mainy because of boredom. Every time I had used it, I would hallucinate the walls of my room morphing, and often I would see objects moving on their own. Sometimes I would also see something in the air that looked like smoke. During my last trip I took 5 pills (25 mg). That night I had the regular hallucinations, along with bright colored dots, and seeing my carpet have waves and grow like a tiny forest. Strangely I did not experience any withdrawal effects from zopiclone.

HPPD symptoms
After about a month after my last zopiclone trip, I remember standing outside and seeing visual snow in the sky. Not too long after that, occasionally I started seeing the "smoke" I would see on zopiclone. Its been almost two months since the first time I saw visual snow. Currently if I don't focus my eyes, I will immediately see after images. If I stare at something I will begin to see objects morphing and flowing. These effects aren't distressing, although sometimes it makes me anxious when I am trying to sleep.

Submitted by Brack

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