Experience:65mg + 30mg redose - My first experience with diphenedine

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Experience reports - Diphenidine

  • Date: 2/12/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Weight: 135 lbs / 61 kg


This report is of my first experience with Diphenedine. I took the substance along with my partner (H) and a friend of ours (B). For some background, all of us are fairly experienced with dissociatives and psychoactives in general and we have all previously taken Ketamine, MXE, 3-meo-PCP & Nitrous. I received two grams of Diphenedine, and after performing reagent and allergy tests we decided to take it on a Saturday night. During the allergy test we all noticed a mild numbing of the tongue and roof of the mouth, comparable to cocaine. The Diphenedine itself was a floury white powder, with no smell and a fairly mild chemical taste.

We dosed in my apartment at 11:25 PM on a Saturday night. H & I took 65mg and B took 70. We tossed the powder straight into our mouths and washed it down with some juice. An hour into the experience H and I took an additional 30 mg. B had taken some 2-FA and kratom earlier in the day, I had had 2 beers and had been smoking pot throughout the day (although this is baseline for me and rarely affects my experience with other drugs). I had also taken ketamine twice earlier in the week, but I didn’t seem to experience any kind of tolerance. B and I were taking dabs and smoking throughout the experience, and I found that there was some slight synergy between the two. I began to feel light effects, such as head pressure and a slightly ‘spaced out’ feeling around 20 minutes, and at 45 minutes the effects were pronounced.

One of the most notable things about our collective experience is how very different the effects were for each of us. I felt slightly dissociated, my mind was fairly blank, and I was experiencing light feelings of body buzzing. H, on the other hand, was consumed by writing poetry and found that the Diphenedine was stimulating and produced strong feelings of productivity enhancement. B was the most dissociated, and the effects seemed more pronounced in her even though she had only taken 5mg more. H was feeling the least effects from the 65mg despite them being the smallest person in the group, and otherwise having no dissociative tolerance.

One of the most strongest effects I felt was a wiping of the mind that I haven’t experienced on any dissociative, or any other compound. While B and I were able to keep up a fairly animated conversation, I was only able to focus on one thing at a time and would often find myself forgetting exactly what it is we were talking about. I have read reports of this causing severe amnesia in higher doses, and I can certainly understand why. I have also heard high dose Diphenedine trips described as being comparable to a lobotomy, which I could also see if one were to dose in the high 100’s. I also found that near the end of the experience, around 2 or 3 AM I began to feel very empty and emotionless. I felt disconnected from others and even myself, and it was quite unpleasant. H did not experience this whatsoever. I can’t speak to B’s experience as they walked home at 2:30.

We all took some etizolam around 2 AM, although H and I only managed to get to sleep around 5. We woke up the next day feeling slightly groggy from the etizolam but otherwise completely normal.

H enjoyed the compound the most and is eager to try it again in the near future. B and I were slightly less enthusiastic, and I would say that this is at the bottom of the list of dissociatives I have tried. I found that the forgetfulness and mind-wipe effects detracted from the recreational potential or usefulness of the compound, although it is important to note that H did not feel this way at all, so it seems the effects of Diphenedine may vary quite drastically from person to person. I found 65mg to be a good initial dose, as it was strong enough to get a feel for the compound without in any way being overwhelming. I found the type of dissociation that the Diphenedine provided fairly bland and totally different from the intricate and magical feelings that you can get on Ketamine or MXE, or the interesting metallic machine-like trip that 3-meo-PCP induces. I’ll try it again in a higher dose but this experience left me feeling somewhat unimpressed.

Transcription of my notes taken during the experience:

H & I take 65mg, B takes 70 at 11:25 PM. Toss and wash with some juice. 
T (0:00) - I notice a light numbing sensation on my tongue from the allergy test 
T (0:20) - First traces of an effect. Mild head pressure. B says the effects have increased substantially for her in the last 2 minutes. 
T (0:25) - Feeling ever so slightly spaced out. Neutral feeling. 
T (0:40) - Definitely feeling noticeable effects. My mind seems slightly more blank. Slight, very mild body buzzing. I feel slower. 
T (0:50) - I feel floaty, mind vacant.
T (1:00) - Considering dosing 30mg more H says they are feeling less effects than either B or I. H says “if I had to do homework right now, I could”
T (1:35) B is describing double vision, seeing multiple eyes on H and 2 noses on me. H says they are noticing proportion distortion on the text on their cell phone. I am having no visual effects whatsoever. 
It is 1:07 AM. I can’t do the T (0:00) math anymore, ha. H is feeling stimulated while I feel sedated. Now I feel enhanced effects from the pot. The feelings of thought deceleration are quite pronounced. 
1:15 AM - I experienced a brief (15 second) moment of tinnitus and head pressure. We are all experiencing what we agree feels like “negative head pressure”, but not in an unpleasant way. This numbness I’m feeling is not entirely different from ketamine, but nowhere near as magical. It feels more amnesic than anesthetic. B and I are both experiencing repeated forgetfulness. 
1:40 AM - I begin to smoke a joint and I almost feel like it makes me more sober. I feel as though I’m on the comedown. It feels smooth though. Passing the joint the B, we fumbled it into a wine glass. I guess we really are dissociated… This substance feels clinical. Somewhat anesthetic. But it provides a fairly bland kind of dissociation. 
2:25 AM - We all take some etizolam. H says that the Diphenedine provided a “streamlining of expression: and that the suppression of thought that the drug induced lead to more succinct expression in their writing. I feel very scatterbrained and vacant, but while I was forgetful I never felt overly confused during this experience, as some other reports I’ve read have stated. 
2:40 AM - The etizolam begins to take over and the effects do seem fairly synergistic. It may be bringing back some of the pleasant body feelings from earlier? The feeling at this point is quasi-meditative. Very few thoughts. Simple things do seem somewhat confusing. This compound makes you high - but also quite dumb. 
2:45 AM - H is writing poetry. This drug made me feel disconnected from others. We are each in our own silent world. 
3:30 AM - After I feel baseline I took out the trash and recycling and clean the apartment. This kind of stimulation often happens at the end of an etizolam experience, and I wonder if that has something to do with it.

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