Experience: 25mg 50% DMT Changa + Cannabis (Smoked - Bong) - Insights into my consciousness

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Experience reports - DMT (Changa) and Cannabis

  • Date: September 2020
  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 172 cm / 5'8"
  • Weight: 62.3 kg / 137 lbs
  • Misc: Smoked cannabis daily for 4 years. Second DMT breakthrough. Had MDMA and LSD before. A novice in psychedelics.

Total DMT dose: about 13 mg


I had this session at a friend's house. This is my second DMT breakthrough ever. The first time I did it without weed, it is milder and less intense on bodily sensations. Walls melt and with eyes closed, I saw fast, colourful, expanding squares. There is a great sense of calm after the come down. The other guy (another friend of this friend) hit it with weed and it is far more intense, with OEV and CEV. In hindsight, I did not intend to take DMT with weed the second time, but it happened, and so be it.

We had a light takeaway dinner from MacDonalds about 45 minutes before I took changa. After eating I thought, hey, maybe smoking some weed will help digestion. I was trying not to take DMT with a full stomach as I'm slightly worried that I might vomit. So I took mid sized bong hit of weed. I used to smoked weed daily for 4 straight years but I was clean for 5 months and only went back to smoking once per week. Naturally, my tolerance is quite different from before. I did not account for how long it will take for the effect of cannabis to fade.

We measured out 110 mg of changa, and split it into 4 smaller hits. I packed the bowl with the changa sandwiched between a spliff blend (15 % weed, 85% tobacco). We left the bowl there and just chat while waiting for the food to digest. Soon my friend got rather impatient and kinda pushed me to take the hit. At the point I would say I was about at the 50% mark of the weed's timeline?

Note: These are reconstructed timelines, it is likely inaccurate.
Format: MM:SS

00:00: I took the hit with a slower start and drawing faster when it is nearing the end. Held the smoke in for 8 seconds.

00:15: It was harsh and I really had to cough. I coughed once and in my mind, it felt like I had been coughing for a long time, and I suddenly remembered many of the instances where I was coughing in that very bathroom. (We took a lot of bong hits in that bathroom in the past) I felt that I should sit down or lie down. I still had my coordination to walk to the bed.

00:30 - 01:30: I am on the bed, sat down. Then I felt waves of tingling sensations radiating from my lower body towards my head. The cough certainly had made it quite unpleasant. So I proceed to lie down and close my eyes. I felt my eye muscles tighten, I tried to swallow my saliva and I could feel my saliva splashing on the upper roof of my mouth, as well as my throat. Right after I swallow, my ears started ringing. I couldn't hear the ringing but my ears were pulsing similar to the feeling you get when it is ringing. All of my senses went into overload except for the olfactory.

The pulsing in my ears further intensified. It was as if I was able to sense the inputs of every nerve ending in my body. I felt my heart pound louder. I could feel my blood flowing (by following the pulse direction), then I started to feel my individual muscle tissues, When I moved my arm, I could (as if) feel the friction between the two muscle tissues. In whole it felt like my senses (or could I say, consciousness?) is spreading from a centered point, outwards.

I was starting to get scared so I opened my eyes. I was looking at the ceiling fan (turned off), around the fan blades I saw small colourful hexagons, with six triangles in them, spread across the spaces around the fan blades. The hexagons are fast moving and changing its colours in the rainbow spectrum very rapidly. Sometimes it goes back into invisible. When I close my eyes, the CEV is chaotic and not quite there yet, blurry.

My physical senses continued to spread outwards, I stopped feeling my heartbeat and my chest. I did a quick pulse check at my carotid artery just to make sure I am not having a ventricular tachycardia. My eyes were closed at this point. I couldn't feel my breathing anymore, although consciously I would make myself breathe.

Then every physical sensation suddenly stopped.

(According to my friend, all these things that I felt, was all in one minute)

01:30 - 06:00: Right after that, I was shot from my blurry CEV upwards into a theme-park like place. There are some white/beige structures that looked like roller coaster tracks, they seemed to be as high as the clouds. The sunlight in that place is rather serene. The structures in that place is exceptionally colourful but buried under the clouds. The transition was really, really fast. I did manage to catch some images on the way and it looks like a series of images of day-to-day events with people that I've seen. I was at the "theme park" for a while.

I perceive this place not through my eyes but rather I became a consciousness. I could see in all directions but when focused on one direction, the opposite side will blur out slightly.

Suddenly, I was teleported to another blurry place. Again I was shot upwards. The blurry place that I was in, was the center of an onion like... thing. And as I went up, the whole structure exploded (i.e. exploded view, not like destructive explosion). And as I looked down from above, I saw small events that happened or that I had witnessed throughout my life so far, it is categorized by the emotional attachment I had to the event. One example is, I saw a series of events where I felt regret, the events were represented by pieces of pictures. In some pictures, the event is played-back like a movie, some were static. But honestly, I am not even sure that these are exclusively real life events, or it includes TV shows and movies I saw.

It was as if the representation of my memory structure. It started when I was born, my memory is at the core of this "thing", and as I grew up and gathered more memory, they are wrapped layer by layer, over the core, and it is categorized vertically.

From the start of 01:30 till this point, I had no notion that I existed. It is hard to explain since I am using a lot of "I"s here. I am conscious, but without a shred of identity, nor did I know that I am human. It was a "just be" state.

My friend came and check on me. I opened my eyes and there is no more hexagon-triangles. After he made sure that I'm not dead, I went back to the visions. It is quite strange. The visuals doesn't seem to have continuity. This time, I was in space, I was among celestial objects and star dusts. I looked around the space that I was in, I saw two blue binary stars just orbiting around one another and drifting slowly from right to left. The space around seemed to be black when I was focusing on the two blue stars.

I opened my eyes again, I heard my friend walking into furniture. Closed it back again. This time I saw a lake, I was on ground. It was a relatively still lake, with grass growing at the side of the lake.

06:00: My body felt really warm and pleasant. I was smiling for some reason. I could still go back to some random visions if I were to close my eyes. I did, didn't remember much.

08:00: It's my friend's turn to take a hit of DMT. He's scared because he saw my reaction to it. I got up and stood beside him while he took the hit. He took the hit and he resisted to let go of "self". It is a small hit. He got nowhere. He just said that everything around him felt more "real", and he had made a choice between weed and DMT. He chose weed.

At this point, I was latched to reality. It contrasts the effects of DMT and it made me realized that I kinda died a while ago. I still couldn't quite recall my name. (we call each other bro so that is no help)

09:15: I went and check on my friend, see how he is doing. He resisted and he felt nothing, except for a few waves of sensations coursing through his body. We started to discuss about what we felt.

10:00: I paused the discussion for a bit, I was trying to go back. I no longer could. I was hesitant to take more changa or more weed. Just called it a day. We then proceed to chatting. With him talking about why weed is better for him, and me telling him what I saw.

The come up phase is scary. I wasn't this scared the first time. The mental state of willingness to take DMT or changa is a very important factor. If you felt like you need to wait slightly longer, please, by all means. I wouldn't say that this is a bad trip. I felt content that I hadn't felt in a long time after the come down. There are things that could be improved for the next time. Also, with tolerance to weed still low, weed + DMT could be a bit hard to gauge.

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