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Trip Reports - Cacao

Background: I am a fairly new psychonaut, having only tripped seven times, and only using acid. The only other strong hallucinogen I have used is DXM, and I am a regular user of cannabis. I am a 71 kg with a male body that identifies as male. Age 18.
Set: It was the end of a good day. I was happy to be baking some desserts.
Setting: I was in my kitchen during the come-up and my bedroom for the peak and come-down.
Drug: Raw Cacao Nibs (Theobromine and other alkaloids)
Dose: ~45 g


45 grams of raw Ecuadorian cacao nibs were crushed with a mortar and pestle. I mixed a cup of whole milk with a quarter cup of heavy cream and heated it until I could just barely stand to put my finger in it. Any hotter would have began to destroy the active alkaloids in the cacao. I mixed the crushed cacao nibs and warm dairy products into a blender and turned it on for about 30 seconds. I drank the brew.


I began to feel a heaviness in my stomach. I wondered if it would progress to nausea.


I felt a warm feeling begin to surround my body. I felt energized and began pacing around my kitchen. At some point I felt as if I was coming up on acid, without the visuals. There was a similar increase in energy, a warm sensation, and I felt much more prone to giggling and laughing at mundane things, as I would during the acid come-up. Once an hour had passed I decided to leave the kitchen and said goodnight to my sister, who was still there.


I decided to meditate sitting up, but I soon felt as if lying down would be better. I was also curious to see what music would sound like on this drug. I noticed a slight bit of music enhancement, as in I felt that the music had more control over my mood, but I felt quite disconnected from it and everything else. This was not like the disconnected feeling DXM reliably produces but more like a gentle disconnection that allowed me to observe my thoughts and observe the surroundings in a calm, meditative, almost trance-like fashion. The music appreciation I experienced may have been a result of the alleged serotonergic properties of the cacao alkaloids, although whether theobromine itself causes these effects is unclear.

Upon closing my eyes I saw patches of light and darkness but nothing unusual for a sober meditation, so I cannot attribute these mild visuals to the cacao.


I fell asleep while on what I think was the comedown. Sleep came naturally, and might I say that the cacao helped me to sleep by distancing me from my racing thoughts.

The Next Day:

I woke up at the usual time, about 06:20. I felt more groggy than usual after waking up, but within an hour the feeling had cleared. I went about the rest of my day normally and experienced no further effects. There were also no noticeable digestive system effects from consuming 45 grams of cacao. I would repeat this experience, consuming a higher dose or preferably obtaining a more potent variety of cacao that is grown for its psychotropic properties in Guatemala.

Effects analysis


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