Experience:80mg - progressing deeper into states of unity and interconnectedness

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I've had states of unity and interconnectedness with 80 mgs of DMT, hit me very hard, but I came to the realization with the fact that our visible universe is not the only thing in existence, but rather the set of universe was that it has been made me consciousness itself. I felt being everything and nothing at the same time. As I was so much more than just a universe but there still was other entities besides me.

As it progressed I got into even deeper states of understanding the experience of consciousness until I finally reached to the bottom of the essence of my self-existence. I realized that the original experience of being everything must have been flawless when interpreted to reality. I came to this conclusion partly because even though it might sound logically coherent, it is still something that cannot be proven or disproven with our current knowledge and technology, so it must be only a self-induced guess. It's not a valid theory, hypothesis or even a model, though if experienced without this knowledge can lead to severely altered personality afterwards.

Submitted by - Anonymous Disregardeverythingisay reader

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