Experience:37mg Isopropylphenidate - Getting Shit Done With Isopropylphenidate

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Experience reports - Isopropylphenidate

  • Date: 28/1/2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 105 lb / 45 kg
  • Age: 20


The goal of this trip is to do my laundry, write a 500 page essay, summarize a chapter of history and take a quiz, and do general cleaning activities. This is my first day off, so I took some diclazepam last night as a nightcap for my debaucherous activities. Due to the long half-life I woke up feeling groggy and unmotivated - time for some chemical motivation! I choose Isopropylphenidate to be my study aid for the day.

There is also, currently, no nasal ROA dosage information on this substance on this website. I am documenting all of my stimmed out study sessions to better document the dose respondent effects.

These are notes taken during the experience.

11am - 11:02 am - dose 27mg nasally. I dont know why, but I've only done nasal ROA with this substance. I should try this orally soon. I begin to do my laundry and the more basic cleaning tasks. The effects are fully present within 2 minutes.
12:24pm - I've made progress on my laundry, but this stimulant is forced with such a large dose at once! I am getting distracted with other things besides what I should be doing while at my desktop PC. I am snorting 10mg more than moving to another location so I can better channel my focus on my studies.
1:16pm - studying, doing laundry, etc. easier to channel the focus in some environments more than others. I dont know if the additional 10mg added to the Focus enhancement or if it was the change of location.
2:08pm - I've gotten a lot of stuff done. I was able to eat a meal around 2pm, this substance does not reduce the appetite even at higher doses. The Focus enhancement is cleaner now, that is an odd dose-response but like I said,it could be due to the change in environment.
3:33pm - Got the assignment AND the quiz done ahead of time. Huh. Analysis enhancement also seemed to work better at higher doses. Perhaps this is due to a possible tolerance, or IPPH just has a weird dose response curve.

Overall, Isopropylphenidate is a good (and euphoric) study aid. The stimulation experienced during this trip was very forced and it was easy to get distracted at my desktop PC. However, once I moved to a different area I was able to focus and get a lot more done than I normally would have. The peak effects are very short lived, at least in terms of Cognitive euphoria and Focus enhancement.

Submitted by Fishcenternicole

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