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My First Time Experiencing Sleep Paralysis

I remember it quite vividly, it was 1:18am if I am not mistaken. That night before falling asleep, I had become unnaturally self-aware. My breathing pattern was systematic in rhythm, and produced a welcoming sense of self-connection. Eventually after several hours, my eyes slowly peered open to an unnatural sight. It was rather dark in my room at the time so I could not see too well. Mild low-level geometry accompanied the awakening, and all of the shapes seemed too ill-defined in nature, yet still felt remarkably familiar to me.

All was going well until I noticed a strange, shadowy figure sitting in my windowsill in my room. This immediately caused my heart rate to skyrocket and send a shocking jolt of fear in a disconsolate manner. The figure then sprang out of the windowsill and landed on my chest. This was such a strange feeling, as I was beyond confident that this was just a vivid hallucination. The creature had wings of an agonizing style, with many characteristics resemblant of a gothic gargoyle statue.

No matter how hard I tried to move, my body would simply not free up, rendering any intervention impossible. I took a deep breath, and everything returned to normal. All visuals disappeared, and I regained control.

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