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Experience reports - LSD

  • Age: 18
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: Around 70 Kg
  • LSD experience: Tried 7~8 times before
  • Dosage: 2x 150ug LSD tabs
  • Total LSD dosage: 300ug
  • Other drugs: Haxixe
  • During of the effects: 24 hours

(In this experience I need to explain some private things of my life so you can understand some things)


It was 22:30 when I putted the tabs in my mouth, I was with a friend that was my tripsitter in that night and he also would do joints so we could smoke. It was like 23:15 when I first felted that sensation of body relaxing, but then someone that I know started to say things that putted me very nervous (I knew from my past experiences that during the LSD effects I could go from "very calm" to "very nervous" if something of this kind happened) so my Tripsitter moved me to a familiar place and made a joint for us. It was like 00:30 when we arrived into the place and we started to smoke. I was confusing some of the trees in this place with people, when I finished to smoke I closed my eyes and I started to see the same place but with more "High quality image" and was in day time, also I remember to see a prespetive from Earth's atmosphere (When I was with eye closed) and I was flying around the Earth looking at the ground. I asked to my friend what time it was because I was thinking that the peak was gone and I also thought that was like 3:00, he answered me "dude its 1:00 a.m.". (Was on that time that I realised that I was having a fake time perception of time). Well we went to the center of the city, we had to go through very high rises (sorry for bad english) and when I was walking on those "rises" and was not feeling tired, but my brain felted my body tired, that feeling made me to think that my "body" and my "brain" where disconneting from each other. When I was getting into the place it was like 2:15 a.m. I started to see eyes on the walls and on the floor of the street and I saw my friend touching on some of them. So we were on the place, and we met some friends and there was like some "talking groups" and I was on one of them and I started to feeling that I was entering in doors that belonged to their "talking group" and everytime and I walked into those doors I was earing just that "group" talking about their stuff (When I was "moving into doors" I was moving like a soul prespective). There was a time that I looked to some people their faces was like hightlighted from everything and become bigger (Just when I looked at them). For some reason I was starting to feel nervous, so I told that to my tripsitter and we moved to that place again. We arrived and smoked our joint, and he told me that "mate lets go to a place that you will like", we arrived to that place and I was happy and I felted a connection with him and I thanked him for beeing my friend and stuff like that (If you didnt get it this was a part of the LSD effect dont know how they call it but basically everything can make you happy). (Know I will talk about of my experience when I was at home, some things happened until I get there but I think that arent important to tell here) I walked into my bed, and I layed down, I was very relaxed and I closed my eyes and I couldnt sleep and was only 4:00 a.m., and in this moment I got out of my body and I started to walk in a very strange place that I was not able to see correctly because I was a simple criature with a simple mind (This was one of the thoughts that I had during the trip) and then I arrived to a place in the woods, full of creatures that I couldnt see and I couldnt ear, but they speak in a mysterious language, a language that was talked with emotions in a telepatic way. This was a community that I found during my trip (This was the mysterios community, something that marked my LSD trip), and from my time prespective and stayed with them like 1 week, but then my body called my mind and I was "sucked" to my body. It was 12:00 and still had the LSD effects, didnt know why and was very hot in that day (40ºC) and the vasoconstriction was not helping, it was very unpleasent. The effects stoped aproximadatly 22:30

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