Experience:130ug LSD - Warmth and the Truth

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Experience reports - LSD

  • Date: 29/6/2018
  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 196 cm
  • Weight: 95 kg / 210 lbs
  • Misc: First time use. No health risks and medication involved. No mental health problems. Fit, healthy and sporty.


Preparation: In order to validate the LSD blotters we had, I did some research on the specific blotter we got and did a test kit which is purchased from a smartshop in Amsterdam. This in order to fully verify the substance was indeed LSD (never 100% sure). With some research, I found out the blotters we had were called "Horizon" and contained roughly 250ug each. I used the "EZ Test LSD" testkit to make sure this contained LSD (or other indolines). Caution, this is still not fault proof.

T+0 I took set & setting very seriously, so I spoke with one of my buddies who was also very eager to try LSD. We spoke about subjects like mental health or any other issues we might run into in regard of our state of mind, if we had any. We came to the conclusion that we both were prepared to do. Friday afternoon we went to the grocery store to prepare for foods and other things. I also bought some putty and printed like 20 pictures from Pinterest LSD boards. We asked some other friends to come, they would join later and would be our "trip sitters". 2am we arrived at the park and found ourselves an amazing spot at the lake near my house in this semi-sheltered place behind woods. We laid down some blankets and set up all our stuff, since we were warned that we would lose everything in our trip.

We then took each little more than half a blotter (my guess it would be 130ug), since this was our first trip. We didn't want to do a full blotter. We set a timer and let it rest under our tongue and then tried to relax some. It was very hot that day, roughly 25 celsius and there were no clouds. Perfect!

T+0:30 I started to feel a very little body high. The sun on my skin felt a little more amazing, and I enjoyed the rays from the grass made by the sun. But further no differences in vision or other feelings. Mood was very good, we spoke about some drug-related subjects and other political stuff.

T+1:30 No visuals but the body-high was indeed very obvious now. I felt more light, like it was almost no effort to move. I had a pack of cigarettes with me and smoking was very nice (I'm a party smoker, only with a couple of drinks I like to light a cigarette). I didn't want to sit on the blanket anymore so I stood for a while enjoying the park.

T+2:30 One of my friends joined, sort of as a trip sitter. Also one of my best friends. We sat down with the 3 of us and spoke about all sorts of stuff. I was still very sharp in terms of speaking and thinking and seeing. I had no visuals at all. The body-high was indeed very present, and did not feel as a load. I felt that moving was even more profound than before. I had an inflatable ball with me so we started to play with that. I felt that the big inflatable ball was super nice to hold, and started to squeeze and bump it. Felt super good. I also spoke to one of my friends who was in NZ at that time, we had a little flirting and it felt super-loving and nice. More than ever, if you flirt with someone. Still no visuals at all.

T+3:00 I printed some pictures I got from the internet subject on LSD. These arts were amazing on a sober mind anyway, so I was eager to watch them. I printed them fullscreen on A4 paper so that the picture wasn't too small. The first picture was UFO's flying through space, and this I will never forget. I looked at the picture and it shocked me all of the sudden. I knew I was tripping because of the body high and the constant reality/non-reality focus in my mind. But as soon as I looked at the picture, I saw the UFO flying through the photo. "Wow!" I said. This was the first time I noticed a difference in visuals. And the focus in my mind constantly shifted from the stars in the picture, to the flying UFO, to the space blast, to the planet, to the UFO's. My mind was going wild and I loved it! Then I looked at some more pictures, but none was as beautiful as the UFO's. I made this my anchor. It somehow has special feelings to me now. I kept the picture with me the whole time.

T+3:30 We noticed that a lot of people came by in the park, since it also was sort of designated for dog owners. There was a lot of space in the park tho, so it wasn't annoying. We still decided that we would return to my house to relax and walk through the woods. I wanted to do something instead of lay down at the same place tripping the whole time. Once in the woods, this is were I started some really notable differences in visuals. I started seeing this faint purple colours through the green forest. It was beautiful and it stunned me. The colours were vivid green and purple. Once out of the woods, the visuals then stopped again. In the urban area, none of the visuals were seen.

T+4:00 I thought my gf was away, because I didn't want to see her while tripping with friends. Somehow she was home, so that made me a little anxious. I encountered her and she said she was leaving anyway. But the whole confrontation made me very, very uncomfortable in my own home. I started picking up all this little rubbish in the room that annoyed me. All the cloths I didn't cleaned up made me felt like I was a loser in life: I couldn't even clean up my cloths. So I started putting all my cloths back in the closet, but then the garbage in the kitchen annoyed me so I started cleaning this. My friend said that I needed to stop, and then I knew I had to relax. But all these thoughts were going crazy in my mind, and my body-high was very present at that time too. Tripping hard, but no hard visuals.

T+6:00 My trip sitter wanted to get something too, so he took some MDMA. I had some left from a party. He didn't want to stay sober and our trip was going very well. Then we watched the clip Air - Sing Sang Sung. This is were the LSD took me really deep. I felt in my own reality of love and warmth, were I already had seen the truth because of the previous anxious thoughts from cleaning and seeing my gf. I felt an extremely satisfied feeling from watching that clip. I also played some piano because I had a recital the next day which I really prepared hard for.

T+8:00 Coming down finally was notable. I laid in bed and was super tired from all of the things I had encountered. All the thoughts I had, the negative and the positive, was just so much. In my trip my thinking raced 100 times faster than normal. And the constant shift of doing this and doing that, is sometimes really tiring. It was very hard to focus just on 1 task through the whole trip. I checked some news on my phone and saw that the letters on my screen were still floating in like a wave, but not extreme. It was nice. I felt at ease. In bed I really came to inner peace and rest. I found out that I saw the truth of my own feelings in my trip. This trip was life changing, that was for sure.

Next day: I felt a super inner peace and was really at ease. I had a piano recital in the evening and was very sharp in playing. No other effects, but the feeling of a light afterglow and nice feeling. Very very little headache, but that went away in 1 of 2 hours after I ate and drank some water.

Next time: I have seen what LSD does with your inner feelings and thoughts. I will prepare this a little better the next time, so I don't have to encounter anything unplanned that will screw me up in my trip. And want to take the full 250ug blotter as well, to get the next level visuals. All in all, this was amazing!

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