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In order to verify the potentiation section of PsychonautWiki's cannabis article, I decided to buy six mangoes at the grocery store and attempt to eat as many as I could. I would then vaporize cannabis and note down the differences that I notice.

I began my experiment at 8:00PM and cut up and ate as many mangoes as I could. I stopped at 8:20PM after eating four mangoes total due to feeling too sick to continue any further and set a timer on my phone to go off in one hour. I could not see myself doing this daily since it made my stomach feel a bit upset and I feared that I would grow sick of the taste of mangoes after a while. However, it was a worthy experience and one of the best, most euphoric experiences that I have had with cannabis in quite some time due to my high tolerance.

I noticed that my usual dosage for cannabis went down and I was, for the first time in a while, too high to continue smoking anymore after vaping two bowls total. This is a large difference compared to the three bowls that I usually smoke. I also noticed that the effects were more euphoric in general. I experienced physical euphoria and spontaneous bodily sensations while listening to music as well as personal meaning enhancement to the specific lyrics in the songs, which is one of my favorite effects to experience on weed.

I experienced analysis enhancement and thought about my place in the universe and thought about my family a lot, which also happens to me frequently when on psychedelics but less often weed. One event, in particular, led me to

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