Experience:DXM (340 mg) + DMT (30 mg, smoked) + Cannabis - Amazing Synergy

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Experience index - DXM, DMT and Cannabis

  • Substance(s): DXM, DMT, cannabis
  • Dose: 340mg, 30mg
  • Route of Administration: oral, smoked


  • Date: 08/16/2019
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 68 kg / 150 lb
  • Misc: I have lots of experience with LSD, Mushrooms, and DMT. I have not had bad trips or significant anxiety around tripping since my first few DMT breakthroughs. I love psychedelics but have not done many dissociatives.


I took 340 mg of DXM in gel capsules at around 9 PM out of a combination of boredom and some nasty congestion in my sinuses. By 10:30 PM I was experiencing comfortable levels of dissociation and detachment. I had a kind of static over my vision (probably from a lack of visual acuity) and behind my eyes were blurry static colors. Nothing very significant, Ive had effects like these from good weed alone. I did feel a lack of any anxiety however, which put me in the perfect mood to smoke some DMT.

I put as close to 30 mg as I could but my scale jumped around quite a bit, so it could have been more or less. I smoked the DMT around 10:45 PM. Without any pre-trip anticipation it was easy to take a huge rip off my Yocan Evolve e-vape (it's most often used for dabs but it works extremely well for DMT, far better than any crack pipe or the machine I built out of a glass bottle and brillo). I held my hit in for an undetermined amount of time, but I am sure it was much longer than 10 seconds. I immediately felt the typical surge of activity and awareness throughout my body accompanied with typical mushroom type visuals.

This swiftly led to the traditional visionary type experience, feeling I was separated from my body and was flying through a pulsing ever changing environment. There I flew past the typical shape-shifting geometric beings, with their humanoid or animal-like forms, roaming about doing whatever they do. I am very familiar with this experience but wasn't expecting to access it without at least 40 mg of DMT. I felt that I was in this state where I was half aware but half submerged in hyperspace, like the DXM let me drift further into my DMT experience but also let me more easily come back to a more aware state if I so wished.

I found after my DMT trip that the DXM trip was suddenly vastly more visual. I could vividly see morphing patterns throughout my visual static for hours, but I could ignore it more easily than with traditional psychedelics. In fact I could easily have gone to sleep at any point. I was surprised how much synergy DXM and DMT had. I especially enjoyed the added intensity and increased duration of open and closed eye visuals which were massively increased for the DXM. I felt afterward that my DXM closed eyed visuals were much more otherworldly and immersive for a few hours after smoking the DMT. I also expect smoking marijuana throughout the night intensified the high.

Keep in mind I was only at the second plateau for DXM before smoking DMT but afterword could access effects from the third DXM plateau (like flying through mental environments with eyes closed). I wrote this report on the comedown, and was still experiencing open and closed eyed visuals that were rather lucid and easy to ignore, but could be quite impressive when engaged with.

Submitted by Dr Innocuous

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