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Experience reports - DOC

  • Date: 05/21/2013
  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 79 kg / 175 lb (include both)
  • Misc: Other Medications: 60mg of Adderall XR, Alcohol of roughly 4-6 shots 2 hours prior to marked ingestion. Previous Experience: Ayahuasca, DMT, LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT, Mescaline, 2C-I, 2C-T-7, DOB, DOC, DOM, 25I-NBOMe, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ketamine, 3-MeO-PCP, MXE, 4-Methylaminorex. Settings: Initial-Bedroom, Second: Classroom, Third, Bedroom


3:00AM: Attempt to take two drops from my dropper of 100 x 3mg DOC in an attempt to have the effects hit just prior to my 7AM written Organic Chemistry II final(I find at this dose, tests are substantially more enjoyable and memory is more accessible). This dose would have put the text time enough before the peak that open eyed visuals would be minimal at best due to my tolerance levels. Unfortunately due to my somewhat intoxicated state my squeeze sent much more than two drops. The squirt I would estimate at 6-9 drops, based on examination of container following the trip and the hallucinogenic effects. I realize but I turn on my TV with a loop of movies playing from my laptop. Then pass out. I figured nothing can be done at that point anyways so why worry.

5:30AM: I wake up to the sudden realization that my TV has begun breaking into tiny cubes and falling apart. I am displease as i realize it's 21 Jump Street that was playing and i could no longer enjoy it. I get up. Balance is a bit off, and everything is moving in the darkness. I flip on the lights. And oh fuck that was worse. Blasts of light sent flashes of wild images and the shape of the room started to breathe. Turned them right back off. I navigated my way to the kitchen and grabbed my gallon jug of water from the refrigerator. As i walked back to my room, jug in had i looked at the hallway mirror. A mogwai standing about three feet high is in it. He begins licking the inside of the mirror. I become overwhelmingly concerned with how i could possibly clean the inside of a mirror. I began pleading with him to stop. He hopped out of sight. I really appreciated that. I laid in my bed and sipped on water, while i tried to sort out the level i was at and whether i could take my test. I was only breaching the start of a very heavy trip and felt as though i could handle the visuals until the test was over.

6:45AM: I begin the short 5-10 min walk to class. I tapered my way into the obnoxious sunlight, first going into low light, then the bathroom florescence. With sunglasses i still wanted to dump water on it. I arrive in class just before 7AM and everyone is distorting, most are taking shape as what i view them as in my mind. Then an atrocity appears at the side of my teacher desk. god i can almost smell it. it was what i would describe as the pedophile version of a unicorn. Balding spots of fur, a pot belly, thick rimmed glasses, sunken in eye sockets, and a disgusting smile showing off plaque encrusted teeth. He just stared at me. The whole test he never stopped.

8:20PM: I turn in my test, while trying to avoid starring at that shitty unicorn. As the door to the classroom is closing i look back and both, my teacher and the unicorn were starring at me grinning. They both made me feel sick. I leave the building, ready to just be home.

12:00PM: I walk into my house, the clock on the stove says 12:00PM. Confusion sets in. I don't understand how a 10 min walk took almost 3 hours. I grab my jug of water, go to my room and i lock the door. I turn the lights off. Calm begins to wash over me. The visuals had over taken reality almost completely but it for some reason doesn't concern me. Although the visual high was becoming near DMT level, my mental/mind trip had disappeared. I felt so clear and calm. It was then i realized i was no longer laying in my bed, or even in my room. I was outside. But not on this earth. Well not any part of it that i had ever seen. Oddly beautiful creatures that looked like otters with wings phased in and out of the ground as they seemingly swam through it. i looked down for a moment only to see or rather not see my feet. my legs just kind of faded into invisibility. the sun here didn't bother me, it was much cooler and less intrusive. I liked this place. I walked, well i guess floated around. It felt very Dr Suess. Then i blinked and i was watching a younger version of my self. It was a day from my past that i loathed. The first fight i was ever in. I watched as i got pummeled. But something in me began to laugh. And the younger me looked back for a second as though he heard me. It was a stupid incident done by two stupid kids, why bother feeling anything about it. I blinked and was in a bar. I stared up at an old style tv. ya know before flat screens? Holy shit. They were covering an attack from Korea they had launched a nuclear bomb and it leveled Detroit. We stood in horror as they explained that due to a alignment with China they were able to shut down our early warning systems.. before it could finished i blinked. It was my room again. For several minutes there were absolutely no visuals.

2:00PM During this eye of the storm moment i checked my phone and marked the time. I also let my roommate know the situation via text so he wasn't alarmed if he heard any sounds or oddities from my room. This state didn't last very long. It faded away as i started to see something only sleep paralysis had terrorize me with prior. Shadow people began to creep in through the walls. They looked as though a whole was cut in the universe around a man, and the absence of everything in that shape was it's form. It was only that save for what looked like two cigarette embers for eyes. They came in call shapes and sizes. I was terrified at first, but they merely stared at me as though interested in the state i was in. I decided to wave. they all shared glances and the tallest one waved back then they all faded away. Then a i saw a black midget run up to my bookshelf and steal a book. He floated down through my floor before i could get the book back. On my desk a miniaturized ballerina preformed an delightful dance. She was wonderful but eventually her steps took her through my wall.

6:30PM I'm not certain if i fell asleep or the memories have become inaccessible but the next part i remember my best friend the Wonky Professor stopped in to check on me at my roommates request. With his presence my trip became colorful. He brought me baconator which to my shock i devoured and enjoyed doing so. I made a huge mess though. He had brought his record player and began playing anthem of the sun by the grateful dead. I honestly don't like their music, but in this state it was amazing. Mandalas began to spin into existence with the music. Bright colors that reminded me of DMT began to surface. which was a huge change from the previous part of the trip which was very desaturated. I was feeling almost in control of my mind again but unfortunately my motor functions were still shit. The Wonky Professor filled my water jug and then departed.

8:00PM The sound of breaking glass echoed in my room. It felt like it was shaking me. Then what imagine a singularities event horizon to look like began to form on my wall. My anxiety was getting pretty severe at the sight of this. I had seen something similar on a heavy DMT trip and it went to a very dark place with only dark entities. I tried to slow my breathing and calm down but i already felt it sucking me in. Before i could blink i was in total darkness. Nothingness. It was strangely calming and my heart rate slowed. I just enjoyed the silence. It felt like i had been there for an eternity while also having only been there a second. Then seemingly at random i watched 40 quadrillion particles crash into one another entangling and dancing with one another. Then i watched quasars form from dust and a star burn out from time. I felt like i was watching the cosmos time jump all over the place.

2:00AM I'm back in my bed again. My body feels exhausted. So i pop a 30mg adderall knowing i'm not sleeping anytime soon. I also took 2mg of Xanax to curb some of the mind high since it was now at an all time peak and had become quite overwhelming. In about 15 min i was able to stand up for the first time in a long long time and stretch. I was able to leave my room and go to the bathroom which i had desperately needed to do. I made the foolish mistake of looking at my reflection. His eyes were black and he waved the winked at me. I hurried back to my room as fear welled up quickly. I began to meditate(or attempt to) trying to pull my mind away from the path it was heading down. I found some success but ultimately ended up in something like high does of DXM. Spiders everywhere, and snakes and whatnot. The grudge girl was chilling in a corner. I wasn't sure if it was possible but gave it a shot anyways and called a guardian i refer to as Ghost or the Arcaine. To my surprise his hand immediately reached through the grudge girls body and as he spread his fingers she burst into water. He poked his head through the wall and his flood lamp like eyes pushed the darkness away. He smiled at me and told me to call again if anything else bothers me. I felt extremely safe.

10:00AM I actually slept. It was dreamless. But my body feels slightly less like a dumpster fire. My vascular constriction is definitely a lot closer to normalcy. My visuals are still pretty decent but i feel comfortable leaving my room and getting back to doing things.

      • As always if you ever have any questions at all please feel free to message me.

Submitted by Xeiko

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