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Experience reports - LSD and Cannabis

  • Date: 2017-11-16
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 107 kg / 236 lbs
  • Age: 22


LSD in the form of 5x 80ug tabs was placed under the tongue at 16:14. Around 16:30 I ate 7.9g of washed, vaped cannabis mixed with nutella. Had dinner around 17:40 with my parents. I was bubbly and starting to feel a sort of rush or smearing of time perception. Few visuals, but I started to feel something akin to a cramp but not unpleasant in my torso. It was also similar to, but distinct from, the feeling I get when I flex my abs.

When I returned to my computer after dinner, I noticed severe visual distortions. Very soon after those distortions began, my entire visual field began to wave like this video. It felt like "depth" was also waving in an analogous pattern. My vision was somewhat pixelated, and distorted heavily by what I'd best describe as the skew operation in GIMP. 
It was very disorienting but not unsettling.

Meanwhile, the contractions(?)/convulsions(?)/whatever in my gut were becoming pretty dominant part of my perception, and it was starting to tingle a lot.

As I was sitting at my desk preparing to go upstairs to my dark room and lie down, I experienced what I can only describe as my "center of thought" migrating down my neck and into my guy, combined with a sensation of my sensory field "peeling back" from my body.

 My internal voice began to dissolve. The best I can describe it is someone grabbing on to your hair in the rear and tearing your consciousness out of your body.

At 18:36 I recorded the sensation as "overwhelming". 
After that, I definitely needed to get away from someplace my parents could disturb me, so I (slowly) hobbled upstairs. 
The geometry was starting to become prominent, starting to override my actual vision. I perceived colors and intricate patterns on everything, with occasional rotating 3D cubes imposed over my vision. My body was tingling very intensely.

I collapsed into my bed and managed to pull one of my shoes off, but subjectively, taking off my other shoe took many minutes due to the sensations being too intense whenever I'd move. 
 I couldn't pull the blankets over me, but I was also feeling very warm, so I didn't mind.
There was what felt like a sudden, abrupt transition into another perceptual universe.

The tingles had evolved into full on electricity or fire (pleasant). I closed my eyes and perceived my body as bright, white, pulsating networks of fiber. I had the sense that it was my neurons/nervous system that I was viewing, and it reacted with my movements. I felt immense sensations in my gut, and the perception of networks of whatever was replaced with shifting colorful manifolds.
 The body sensations eventually faded to the point where I pulled my blankets over my body. I recall squirming and watching the visuals. I fell asleep at some point, and woke at 10:53.

Submitted by CatkinMildew

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