Experience:175mg Mirtazapine and 1g D8 Cannabis - Bugs, Lizards and Continuity

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Experience reports - Mirtazapine + Cannabis

  • Date: FEB 22, 2021
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 175
  • Experience: N,N-DMT, LSD, N2O, Adderall, Oxycodone, Salvia Divinorum, Ketamine and several types of Cannabis



I was perscribed Mirtazapine 15mg as a sleeping aid. I was already aware of what it could do, so I popped several tablets. I was expecting the experience to be a balanced mix of delirious and psychedelic. I wasn’t quite correct with that. Though this was my first experience with a deliriant, I actually had a blast.


I began this experience with a baseline of zero tolerance to the primary subject. The last time I have taken the substance was over 6 months before the date of experimentation.


T+00:00: Im taking eleven 15mg tablets of Remeron (Mirtazapine) with about half a liter of water.

T+00:20: Im starting to feel the effects. Im becoming warm, tingly, and a little tired.

T+00:35: The first signs of the experience getting close to peaking happened. As I was standing watching my dogs outside I was hit with this intense but short lived sensation that I can almost relate to getting hit by a car, though not nearly as painful. I started to take some hits off my bong as I heard it boosts the euphoric and visual effects.

T+00:40: I hear very faint talking as if someone is talking on the other side of my house. Pretty interesting, but nothing new to me. Optical sliding has also become apparent, a little uncomfortable at times but its all part of the experience.

T+01:10: Tracers have reached to level III and visual drifting reminds me of fast translucent flies buzzing around in front of my eyes. Very interesting since I’m used to traditional psychedelics.

T+01:45: I hopped into the shower as it usually boosts my effects, which it did. I noticed no change in libito, if you know what I mean. At some point while I was in the shower I peaked. I am still hearing very faint voices. Im pretty sedated, but as a past Oxy addict I’m pretty good at staying awake.

T+02:00: I was hit with several more sensations, one of which almost made me collapse. A green washcloth fell off its rack and brushed against my foot. Jump scared the hell out of me because I saw it as a lizard. After about a second I came to my senses and realized that theres nothing I should be concerned about. I ended up just getting a little uncomfortable and went to my bedroom.

T+02:10: Lights out! This is where Mirtazapine really shines, as it almost seamlessly transitions from deliriant to psychedelic. At first I see several shadow figures standing over me. Not concerned about it, as its always nice to have company. I close my eyes and let the sedation take over. The CEVs start as several thin but also dim lines that shoot across my vision as if it was a laser light show. But after about 15 - 30 seconds fully immersive and autonomous still images flash in front of me from anywhere from a fraction of a second to almost a minute.

T+??:??: As soon as I knocked out I entered into a dream state that added continuity to my day. The dreams were so vivid that when I woke up I had to reevaluate my memory. While in the dream I experienced visuals on par to that of LSD, though I experienced the cognitive effects of the Mirtazapine. At some point in my dreams I was stung by a wasp, which was the only deliriant-like effect while asleep.

Next Morning: I feel extremely groggy, but nothing a bit of exercise and water cant fix.


This is honestly such a unique substance, and I’m excited to share my experience. Unfortunately it has no introspective qualities, which is kind of a bummer. I would rate Mirtazapine a solid 7/10. Would I revisit it? Absolutely! Would I reccomend it to others? Most likely not, as I can keep my cool in intense situations, while others may not.