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Experience reports - DiPT

  • Date: July 2019
  • Age: 20
  • Weight: 70kg / 155lb

Form a rather well-known research chemical vendor I managed to aquire a quarter gram of DiPT for about 40 euros at the time, after finally finding a site to offer this substance. It is a fine, flaky and brownish/pink tinted powder. Instead of writing a timeline of effects I will just describe the effects of the times I have tried it as I find this easier, because I will have to jog up my memory back a few months.


Trial 1 - Dose: 30mg oral

Additional substances: 150mg MDMA

The dose of 30 milligrams DiPT was followed by 150 milligrams of MDMA roughly one hour later. I took about 60mg of 2C-D the day before, but I don't think there was any tolerance that developed from it.

I don't remember which substance hit me first but I think the MDMA came a bit earlier than the DiPT. It took a fairly long time for DiPT to set in, I'd say I could hear the auditory distortions for sure at about 2 hours in. I suddenly realized that my friend M's voice sounded deeper than it should be. Once I started listening to other friends' voices they were already way deeper and fairly distorted in comparison to M's. So deeper voices are lowered substantially more than higher ones are. It really isn't too complex, basically the pitch is lowered, either in relation the the original pitch or higher pitches simply aren't lowered as much, I'm not too sure. The distortions that took place are somewhat similar to robotic voices, or speaking out of a hollow tube. I was at that point were I probably couldn't tell who was talking if I couldn't see the person I was talking to.

As far as headspace-wise I was only feeling the MDMA, there is really nothing going on. I usually get a bit anxious on any psychedelic but this completely wasn't the case with DiPT, but this could have also been influenced by MDMA. There was a tad of nausea but it didn't feel toxic in any way.

I noticed that when I was in a quieter place, I would get tinnitus but it felt soothing and wasn't a high pitched frequency but similar to buzzing in general, just more apparent than with other psychedelics, respective to dosage. The effect was also intensified when yawning, perhaps because it somehow presses on the earways.

Besides the auditory effects, I noticed a warm body buzz which wasn't too overwhelming, in addition to the bodily sensations of MDMA. There was mild-moderate visual patterning similar to low dosages of DMT.

There weren't any major occurrences once the peak has set in, especially due to the clear headspace and my thoughts remained basically normal. After the MDMA subsided I was still in a good mood, although less talkactive. I don't remeber when the visual and tactile effects subsided exactly but at the 6 hour mark they were both pretty much gone, although the auditory effects still continued full-force. Me and my girlfriend decided go take 10mg of Zolpidem each, which had its usual effects and we decided to try and go to sleep. It was hard but after 2 or so hours we managed to sleep for about 5 hours.

As we woke up I was surprised that the auditory effects were still present and strong. They didn't really drop down much overnight and besides these I was back at baseline pretty much. The residual distortions felt normal as if I got used to them. When getting food at a store I didn't realize for some time that a song I've heard many times on radio was playing, it's due to its lyrics mostly that I realized the song. Talking was not a difficult task, it's just strange to hear familiar and unfamiliar voices distorted. For a long time it didn't feel as if the effects would go down anytime soon, but this eventually happened at about 24 hours in and was gone by about 30 hours, give or take. A great portion of the last moments I wasn't sure if I just got accustomed to the effects as if I forgot how everything sounded normally.

Trial 2 - Dose: 50mg oral

Initial dose: 30mg oral Redoses: 20mg sublingually

This took place at school and I took the capsule early in the morning right before it started. I have a bad tendency when it comes to drugs but I thought that this may not be the worst idea since I can concentrate on this stuff.

At one hour in I got some nausea as expected, but again it's not bad and it didn't make me nervous or anything. I wasn't more active in class as usual, or to say it better I wasn't less active as usual. Some minor visual disturbances started to manifest, just how stuff starts to appear somewhat different even though it really remains the same.

The auditory distortions came at about 2 hours in like last time, the only thing that is different from the time I combined with MDMA is that there were practically no visuals and the hearing wasn't distorted as much, even though the dose was the same. I redosed approximately 10 milligrams per eye sublingually after about 3 hours since first dosing.

By noon (about 4 and a half hours since dosing) I redosed another 10 milligrams and went to see my girlfriend. I didn't tell her at the time because I wasn't sure how she would react and how I would then react. It was somewhat weird the first few moments people start to speak due to the voices they make and it's hard to pretend that everything is fine. This adapts rather quickly and I was not anxious afterwards.

Nothing exciting really happened since then, visuals were a placebo at best, the body buzz apparent and the distortions not as extreme as last time. It gradually lasted in a lowering manner into the next day for a total of about 30 hours again.

Trial 3

Initial dose: 30mg oral Redoses: approx 40mg vaporized over the course of 2 hours Additional Substances: Nitrous Oxide

I was half-asleep at a Sunday morning when I took it and went to sleep again afterwards. I don't remember all too much as for when I woke up or that anything special happened, the effects were the exact same as last time. I realize now that there isn't much to it other than the auditory effects. This makes it pretty interesting but definitely not something that makes me desire to take it again any time soon.

I smoked 20 milligrams in an oil pipe outside in my garden. Upon exhaling there was a gentle rush not that different from DMT, with the exception of again being very lucid and calm. Patterns developed on surfaces, they were not overly intense and the natural vibes were also most similar to DMT at low dosages. Proportionally, a warm glow encompassed by entire body. Buzzing in the ears was expected, but not as apparent as the visual and bodily effects. This dose is too low to show much detail about the nature of DiPT.

I spent my time listening to music, and even though sound was pretty distorted it didn't change much on how good a song sounds. Upon taking a few hits of nitrous (2 cartridges if I remember correctly), the auditory effects of DiPT combined pretty well with the ones of nitrous. Sound was distorted from the DiPT and the nitrous made a flanging effect which overall made a very euphoric ringing in the ears and music sounded fantastic though unrecognizable. Neither of both substances were amplified by the other that much and headspace again very lucid, basically just felt the nitrous.

I smoked another 20 milligrams a bit later which only produced the same effects expected from that dose. I can't really comment on much as there wasn't anything special going on. My bag was empty by now with all the parts that I gave away, I won't buy this again in the near future but probably again when the chance comes by.

DiPT produces a very unique yet simple effect, which is easy to describe, I have the feeling that I expected everything I've heard about it. While the experience is a bit boring by itself, the effects it has on the ears can be interesting to notice and it's definitely worthwhile, in my opinion. It has an effect which isn't really expected by drugs in general. I didn't feel much need to go into this further for the time.

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