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Been busy with classes, lost in the sauce. Since it looks like most substances are figured out, I'd like to try more combinations and see how those go, write reports.

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Psychs, more of a lysergamide kind of guy

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There Will Be Blood, The Big Lebowski, The Hands of Orlac, The Five Venoms, any Shaw Productions kung fu ( except Executioners from Shaolin, that one kinda sucked)


Not much, Fringe and Curb Your Enthusiasm were pretty good


Anything Thomas Pynchon, Cormac McCarthy, or Dr. Seuss

Nag Hammadi Library, In Search of the Miraculous

Video games

Civ 5, TES, GTA


Water, coffee, the odd vodka soda

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June 23rd


Chemistry student, professional password forgetter. Voluntary canary/guinea pig

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7 houses in the same town, serious globetrotter

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Placed on the illustrious high score board. Fite me.

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posted 2441 days ago

By the way, feel free to start writing on spirituality and philosophy if you'd like. I think I de-emphasized them too much when you asked about them a while back. I have more time to edit non-science stuff now and just getting a start on these would be helpful as we plan to have a fully developed spirituality and philosophy section one day :)

posted 2455 days ago

You can now edit the page, thanks.

posted 2460 days ago

Hey dude, I just wanted to let you know that I published the EPT article.

Please let me know if the doses and durations provided are reasonable. I used a combination of your reports and posts on bluelight/reddit to try to triangulate a range. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on the qualitative comments on the intro (is it missing anything?). I'm honestly a bit unsure if this is ready for publication. Let me know what you think!

posted 2463 days ago

Hey! It's good to see you drop by =] I hope all has been well. And yeah, it would be great if you could get the EPT page jump started at some point. I can definitely lend you a hand with it -- no need to worry about it not being perfect. I personally find it is far easier to get pages done if somebody goes ahead and starts it. Provides me with an unignorable incentive to direct me attention to it. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for submitting that yopo report, by the way. It was really well written and informative. Yopo has been one of my substances of interest for a while now! Good to see it's being explored and documented.

posted 2606 days ago

I will take care of that.

posted 2608 days ago

Hey Summer, I was looking all over the place for your experience and figured that you have created it under your user profile (which isn't quite right). I have moved it to a stand-alone experience page: If you need more help, let me know!

posted 2613 days ago

Hi Summer! I don't know if I'm the right person to be asked this either, heh, but I can definitely try to help considering I am the one who's doing the coverage for novel base tryptamines and do have some experience in this area. Thanks for reaching out!

FWIW I decided to start the coverage with MET (first few trials already run, trip reports and effects profile currently in the making) and MPT (yet to cover, but have plans for it -- particularly for the oral route). EPT is also in the works but I decided to lower the priority on that due to the fact that it is the most similar to DPT in chemical makeup, of which there is a pretty solid depository of information on already (including my own experiences with it). I will probably end up covering 4-HO-EPT before EPT itself.

From the look of it, these definitely look like oral doses to me -- or at the very least not ones to be insufflated. In fact, I highly recommend people avoid insufflating base tryptamines if they can. Not only does the drip tend to be incredibly unpleasant (esp if you're taking over like 20-30mg+ as it's listed), but it's painful and can clog up your sinuses to boot. All of these factors can act as catalysts for bad trips or otherwise interfere with or ruin the experience. I'm saying this based off personal experience with insufflated DPT a few years ago, where I became so ego-fucked as well as dissociated (in the psychedelic sense) that I couldn't tell if I was experiencing a dangerous degree of respiratory depression (due to not being able to breathe well from my clogged sinuses). I had to wake up my roommate in the middle of the night to get him to check my vitals and get ready to call an ambulance if how I was feeling (anxiety, panic, uncertainty) was the reality. Thankfully, it turned out to be all just in my head and the feeling passed within 20 minutes. The aftermath was pretty neat, but yeah, ever since that experience I tend to caution people from insufflating base tryptamines (and DPT in particular because of how powerful it is). If what I suspect is true and EPT is more similar to DPT than not, I would expect this to hold true as well.

Either way, if you're going to experiment with insufflation of this substance I would start with doses much lower than the ones on Tripsit -- 20-30mg to start, then work your way up. I honestly have no idea how it would respond at these doses, but that's where I would start if I were in your shoes at least (and still willing to insufflate my psychs in general, I vastly prefer to take them orally these days or vape/smoke them if possible). Regardless, I am currently working on a disclaimer section for the insufflation route for our base tryptamine pages so any additional information or TRs would be useful, although not totally necessary (your health and safety are more important to us than data on obscure novel base tryptamines xD).

Regardless, thank you for bringing this to our attention! I am going to reach out to the Tripsit team and let them know that this page is confusing and ask for additional clarification/verification and get back to you (although if this process takes a while, I do believe my instincts are correct on this one). Whatever happens, please let me know how it goes. Also, welcome to the community! And kudos to you for being cautious, especially with this one.