Experience:Red Borneo Kratom (4.2g)

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Experience reports - Kratom

  • Date: November 8 2021
  • Weight: 60kg/132lbs


I've been using kratom 2-4 times a week for around a month and a half now. On average 5 grams a day, but occasionally 10+ just to nod into sleep. I started using to help with benzodiazepine withdrawal and its helped so much. I probably wouldn't have made it so far without kratom. Anyway, here's the report!


T+ 0:00 - Ingested 4.2 grams of Red Borneo kratom mixed in a little less than a deciliter of warm water and with soda as a chaser.

T+ 0:15 - My anxiety is gone and I'm relaxed, my mind is no longer racing and I feel good. I finally feel like myself, I'm scrolling around in a discord server and smiling at many things. However my visual acuity has decreased noticeably.

T+ 0:25 - My muscles are really relaxed, I am sedated and euphoric. My limbs feel very warm inside. This reminds me of opioids, but it's way weaker. Im a bit nauseous, I think I'm prone to nausea. I sometimes take promethazine with my kratom to counter the nausea and itchiness, but not tonight.

T+ 0:35 - I don't usually listen to a lot of music, but I sometimes enjoy doing it while on kratom. It sounds a tiny bit better and more detailed than usual. I'm noticing a heavy increase in visual snow, however I self diagnose with HPPD, so I doubt that visual snow is an actual effect of kratom. My eyes also vibrate occasionally. Balance is a bit worse, but not enough for anyone other than me to notice.

T+ 0:45 - Music turned off, it's irritating me now. I do get irritated easily on kratom. Nausea still here.

T+ 1:00 - I'm very nauseous, not at the point of throwing up but it's uncomfortable. The muscle relaxation is winding down, it's still present but not as intense as it was 35 minutes ago.

T+ 1:20 - The nausea is completely gone. The warmth and muscle relaxation is slowly fading away, but still moderately present. I'm still calm and now quite tired, feel good. Might go to sleep soon as it's 23:20pm and I have to wake up early tomorrow. I usually have problems with falling sleep. My sleeping schedule used to be (and still is to an extent) really horrible, but kratom helps a lot! Just one of the many benefits. I sometimes use this for work. Doses of around 2 grams help me with anxiety, motivation and concentration.

T+ 1:45 - Kratom makes my dreams really vivid, so I'm always excited to fall asleep. still feeling the effects too. alright, gonna go to sleep now. end of report.

Submitted by Acata