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Experience reports - DXM

  • Dosage: 350 mg
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
  • Weight: ~125 lbs / ~57 kg
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 300 mg spironolactone / 8 mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 13/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF



6:44 pm - I finished drinking the bottle of Walgreens generic brand cough syrup with 350mg of DXM in it. It tasted unpleasantly sweet, and each mouthful was worse than the previous one.

6:47 pm - I immediately start feeling a little bit nauseous.

7:01 pm - It's been 12 minutes, and I'm already feeling subtle cognitive dissociation as if my thought patterns and senses are slightly more distant and vague. I began noticing that my physical movements are a little more mechanical or robotic in their gait and feeling.

7:07 pm - I'm now feeling distinctly dissociated on a cognitive level. My senses, however, remain unaffected so far.

7:12 pm - I'm starting to feel subtly stimulated and energised. My eyes are moving faster around, and I feel a slight urge to move around.

7:18 pm - My vision is now starting to blur a little. I'm feeling dehydrated, and there is a warm fuzziness engulfing my body.

7:20 pm - I'm getting the giggles and laughing at things which would not usually be considered funny. I notice that the pitch sounds of sounds within my environment are deeper and that I'm feeling even more nauseous.

7:26 pm - My thoughts are significantly slowed down and I'm feeling very relaxed. There is a visual noise or static overlayed across my environment.

7:34 pm - I'm feeling itchy, my mouth is persistently dry, and I'm spontaneously yawning.

7:36 pm - My stomach is now starting to hurt a little.

8:08 pm - At this point, I feel like I've levelled off. I feel very nauseous, and I might vomit. I decide to go lay down in bed with my girlfriend and watch a movie.

9:05 pm - I'm grinding my teeth, and my stomach is uncomfortably bloated.

9:50 pm - I'm getting unusual amounts of phlem production in my throat.

10:19 - At this point, the high is just sustaining itself. It feels great! I'm feeling very distinctly dissociated at a second plateau while talking to my girlfriend. I feel incredibly enthusiastic about DXM and subjective effect documentation in general.

10:54 pm - I decide to lay back on my recliner armchair and snuggle my girlfriend. This is where the trip begins to become surprisingly psychedelic. I notice on the backs of my closed eyelids that I see very bright clouds of colour. They don't form into proper geometry but are disproportionately colourful in comparison to geometry of a similar level on more traditional psychedelic compounds.

11:39 pm - As I was listening to my "cosmic playlist" which is musical playlist comprised of songs which make me contemplate the bigger picture, I began getting gravity alterations and felt as if I was separating from my body while floating through the void in a variety of directions. It was distinctly more colourful and clear-headed in comparison to that of other dissociatives such as ketamine, MXE, DCK, and 3-MeO-PCP.

I began thinking intensely about my place within the universe and within the history of this species. I was feeling strong feelings of spiritual reverence and a profound appreciation for being alive. As I drifted through the void, my stream of consciousness started analysing my philosophical viewpoints on what was right and wrong in this world. It seemed to conclude that the universe is a neutral process with no right/wrong or better/worse unless a sentient-being applies those intellectual constructs to parts of it. I was also getting existential self-realisation and felt as if I was "waking up" while re-remembering who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I felt that subjective effect documentation was the most direct way through which I could contribute to this civilisation as it would hopefully assist in legitimising and spreading the social acceptance of undergoing these incredibly beneficial states.

12:11 am - I'm coming down at this point but still feel very stimulated.

12:28 am - At this point I'm trying to get ready for bed. I'm absolutely blown away by how unexpectedly profound this experience was.

12:34 am - I'm getting a feeling at the end of my fingers which is like an uncomfortable itch but not quite. I usually get this on feeling codiene. DXM is definitely a morphinan.

1:03 am - At this point, the serotoninergic stimulation effects feel like they have gone. I'm no longer gurning and now feel like I'm on an opioid with psychedelic effects. I am experiencing a soft euphoric body high with distinct level 3 geometry. I also begin to notice subtle visual drifting on my bathroom floor. As I lay in bed, I begin drifting off into geometry based internal hallucinations. They shift between each other roughly every ten seconds or so. They are surprisingly complicated, but I immediately forget their details after they occur similarly to that of a dream.

12 pm (the next day) - I wake up still feeling a little high, I feel euphoric and refreshed, I'm grinding my teeth a little, and I have a warm, comfortable body high. I feel very motivated


I purchased this DXM on a whim because I understood that it is a readily available classical hallucinogen that requires documentation. I was expecting to feel subtly dissociated for the evening and to derp around while watching a movie or something. Instead, I received a profound sense of spiritual reverence with shockingly profound cognitive and visual effects that easily rivalled the more mainstream psychedelics and dissociatives. Considering what it is capable of inducing, It is really hard to believe that this substance is both legal and so freely available to the general public.

This is a truly underappreciated compound with a unique pharmacology that needs to be re-evaluated by the mainstream psychonaut community. It does not feel comparable to any other dissociative and is incredibly psychedelic. I would class this substance as a psychedelic dissociative more so than merely one or the other.

Although this was far from my first trip with this substance, it has been around six years since I have tripped on DXM. I recall having amazing experiences with it as a teenager but had somehow forgotten about this substance entirely. I now feel even more inspired to revisit the dozens of hallucinogens which I am experienced with because as an adult with a standardised methodology for documenting them, the experiences are in many ways even more profound.

Thanks for reading.

Submitted by Josikins



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