Experience:LSD (150µg) + Cannabis - 150µg lsd and a shitload of weed

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Experience reports - LSD and Cannabis


It was a beautiful sunny day shortly before Christmas, and I decided to see my buddy "A" who still owed me a blotter. We had a few joints and bong rips, and I decided to have my blotter and walk the 6 miles home. The first mile went by without any extraordinary occurrences except for the dryness in my mouth. Luckily enough, like a mirage in the desert, there was a gas station. The red light of the gas station and the yellowish light from the airport across the road were the most beautiful thing I had seen to this point. After counting my change and buying a coke, I continued my journey around the airport and down a dark rural road.

The beautiful sunset that was present when I left had become a windy and rainy night at least for the hour. As I followed the road, I looked at things near the runway, but I was unable to tell what it was. My brain decided it was the helicopter I saw earlier that day when visited my uncle just that this memorial for the guardian angels of our time was next to the autobahn on the other side of the county. I turned my head, and the aircraft followed my eyes. My legs were exhausted, so I slowed down and lit the joint I rolled years ago as it seemed. Halfway through the spliff, I remembered I was near the airport and nowhere near that helicopter.

For the rest of the walk, I used my imagined god-like powers to bless all the cars passing by and I felt like I was the gray pilgrim a divine being protecting those who travel at night. I couldn't tell if I was walking for an hour or a year what music was playing or where I was, but I was still able to find the way home. The first thing I did was using the toilet which seemed very yellow followed by rolling a joint. Rolling is a task I can complete with my eyes closed normally but now that I was peaking it was incredibly difficult because my hands were shaking and the weed was breathing. I ended up rolling something that seemed like the perfect example why inner values count not beauty.

I smoked it on my balcony and listened to power metal when I noticed strange shapes on the wall. It looked like moving cave paintings of people fighting dragons and other monsters. I finished my joint and watched the wall for a while. After a while, I wondered where my cock was. The most logical explanation for its absence was that I forgot it in the bathroom, so I went to look for it. I accepted my new life as a hermaphrodite and listened to three Pink Floyd albums in a row. Following some more weed, I fell asleep and dreamed of pigs probably because of the music playing. A joy that was almost equal to what I experienced the previous night overcame me when I found my most precious piece in place the next morning

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