Experience: Cannabis Hybrid (moderate dose, smoked and vaporized)

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Experience reports - Cannabis

  • Age: 23
  • Sex: M
  • Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
  • Misc: Experience level: Absolute beginner, first timer


With a friend, we walked outside for a bit, smoking a hybrid. After I failed to notice any effects, my friend offered me their vaporizer pen. This way, inhalation was easier for me and I began coughing, with my throat feeling somewhat irritated. After a few minutes, I slowly felt in a different state of mind, as if there was some kind of pressure in my head, a strong mental buzzing feeling. My subjective relationship to my environment changed in that I felt more like an observer, watching everything from a mental distance. A strong awareness that is probably closest to how I feel when I see something accidentally falling. My chest felt unusually warm and energetic. I also felt "wobbly" in my movement, yet in control.

We walked back home, where we tried hold a conversation but it failed. I tried to think of something, but my mind was occupied with my altered attention. No thought crossed my mind. My friend showed me a text on a screen, which I tried to read. I read the first sentence over and over again, but I could not get to the next sentence. Some groups of letters seemed to be highlighted with a gray background, but I did not believe that was real. I gave up and said: "I cannot read anymore". My mood was elevated. I had the feeling that everything was really slow. My movements and thought processes certainly were, the entire time. I said: "we are sooooo slow", and left the room.

Tired, I went alone to my room, where I sat down on my bed. I was very happy that I had bought a box of peanuts on the day before, feeling hungry, I opened the box and began to eat them all during the next hour.

From the moment I sat down I felt very tired, often closing my eyes, yet feeling too mentally awake to sleep.

I had some desire to hear music, so I started my laptop. I opened a webcam program and began recording myself, because I was interested in how I behaved and wanted to preserve the experience. During this process, I had a sense of this video becoming somewhat important or popular in the future.

My attention was very affected, while not necessarily mentally focused, I spent a lot of time staring at certain objects in space. Sometimes, my movements were suspended because my attention to the objects I was holding overrode this intention (e.g. staring for 10 seconds at a peanut in the can I wanted to eat, then giving up eating it because my attention was fully back at my face).

I spent about an hour looking at my face, because it did not look like 'my' face anymore, I saw it like I saw a strangers'. Much of the time I made grimaces, sometimes being disappointed, sometimes content with my general looks. The general mood was still elevated.

I had the thought that looking directly into the camera instead of the screen would make the video even better. I wanted to do this but also wanted to convey this thoughtful intention to my future self. I was not in a state where I could find the right complex thoughts, words and speak, so I began taking screenshots, moving the mouse pointer on the screen more and more to the top, so that a viewer could understand this (unlike I suspected, I did not actually have to see this to remember, I remember most of the experience now).

After this hour, I shut down all my devices and went to sleep.

I slept normally and did not notice any effects in the next days. On awakening, I felt like I had a dream, but can only remember an image of giant "cloud vehicles" (clouds with smaller clouds below them in the form of tires, the overall shape like a skateboard, rolling over a large landscape).

While my mood was good, my state of mind and attention was not pleasurable to me. In the beginning, it took some time for me to acknowledge that I was not in sufficient control anymore to be useful. Looking back and watching the video, this is evident. This was a state of mind that inhibited movement, communication and high level thinking. I only have a limited desire to try it again.

Submitted by Caerus

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